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Fedorov Session 2008
Saint Petersburg, Russia
7-9 October 2008
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1st Circular

Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
Russian Mineralogical Society
St. Petersburg Mining Institute (Technical University)


October 8-10, 2008, St. Petersburg, Russia

1st Circular

St. Petersburg

Dear colleagues!

The Department of Mineralogy, Crystallography and Petrology and the Faculty for Geological Prospecting of the St. Petersburg Mining Institute (Technical University) cordially invite you to attend the international scientific conference «Fedorov Session 2008» to be held in St. Petersburg from October 8th to 10th, 2008.

The aim of the Fedorov Session 2008 is to discuss recent progress and future trends in crystallography, mineralogy and petrography within the directions of works established by  Prof. Evgraf Fedorov (1853-1919).

Scientific Sessions:
1. Real structure of minerals and rocks: Insight in formation processes
Processes of formation and transformation of minerals and rocks, indicators of genesis. Constitution of minerals and rocks as a constraint for their origin.
2. Mineralogical crystallography and crystal chemistry
New data on descriptive studies and modeling of crystal substance.
3. Applied mineralogy
Mineralogical methods applied to geology, gemology, materials science, biology and other fields of science and technology.
4. History of science
This traditional session is dedicated to anniversaries of the year.

Official languages: Russian and English.

Presentation forms:
 plenary lecture (40 min.)
 general presentation (15-20 min)
 poster presentation
Extramural participation is possible (abstract publication only).

Invited plenary lectures and extended abstracts (up to 5 pages) will be presented by the winners of the Russian Mineralogical Society Outstanding Young Researcher Awards 2007 (for Russian and non-Russian researchers).

The organization fee will be not raised. The set of information materials (Scientific Programme and Proceedings Volume) will be afforded only to the intramural participants personally registered on the official website of the conference (www.minsoc.ru/FS2008/).

Organizing Committee

Prof. Vladimir Litvinenko, Rector of the St. Petersburg Mining Institute (Technical University)
Prof. Yury.Marin (St.Petersburg)
Prof. Mikhail Ivanov (St.Petersburg)
Prof. Askhab Askhabov (Syktyvkar)
Prof. Stanislav Filatov (St.Petersburg)
Prof. Alexey Glazov (St.Petersburg)
Prof. Viktor Glebovitsky (St.Petersburg)
Prof. Arkady Glikin (St.Petersburg)
Prof. Vladimir Dolivo-Dobrovolsky (St.Petersburg)
Prof. Alexander Kozlov (St.Petersburg)
Prof. Sergey Krivovichev (St.Petersburg)
Prof. Vladimir Krivovichev (St.Petersburg)
Prof. Dmitry Pushcharovsky (Moscow)
Prof. Dmitry Rundqvist (Moscow)
Acad. Nikolay Yushkin (Syktyvkar)
Scientific Secretaries:
Dr. Mikhail Morozov (St.Petersburg)
Dr. Vadim Smolenskiy (St.Petersburg)

Address and Contact information:
St. Petersburg Mining Institute (Technical University)
21st line 2,
199106 Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Phone:                        +7 (812) 328-82-47
Phone/Fax (voice):   +7 (812) 328-86-40
E-mail:                        fs2008@minsoc.ru (information only)

Registration and abstract submission are possible only via the official website of the Russian Mineralogical Society:

Deadlines and Important Dates:
27.06.2008 Online registration and abstract submission deadline
8-10.10.2008  Fedorov Session 2008

Abstract preparation guidelines

TITLE OF PRESENTATION [TimesNewRoman, 11 ppt, Bold, Capitals, Centered]

A.Author1, B.Author2, C.Author3 [Italic, Centered, principal author underlined]

1Moscow State University, e-mail; 2St.Petersburg Mining Institute, e-mail; 3Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, Germany, e-mail [Normal, justified paragraph]

      Abstracts body must not exceed two A4 pages with 2.5 cm margins at all sides (paragraph justified with the 1 cm left margin of the first row; Times New Roman 11 ppt). Tables must be inserted in the text body. The presentation must be saved in MS Word file format (RTF is preferably). Images must be saved as separate JPEG or TIFF files (arranged in a RAR or ZIP archive to-gether with the abstract text file). Color images are possible. File name must correspond to the name of the contact author). 
      The registration and abstract submission must be performed only via the official conference website www.minsoc.ru/FS2008/. Abstracts submitted by Email or Fax will be not accepted. Every intramural participant must have a valid contact Email address.
      1. Author, A., Author, B., Author, C. Problems of crystallography and mineralogy // Zapiski RMO, 2002, ¹ 7, pp. 900-901.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject submitted abstracts. Authors will be informed about the results of selection by the 1st September, 2008 by Email.

During the closing plenary session of the conference the awarding procedure of the Scientific Foto Award “MicroGeo 2008” organized by the Russian Mineralogical Society and the “Carl Zeiss”, Ltd. will be take place.
RMS Award Call 2008 details:

site administrator: adminminsoc.ru (Docent Morozov, Mikhail)
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