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RMS Annual Session combined with the Fedorov Session 2014
Metasomatic alteration and polygenic Mo-W-Au-As-Sb mineralization in the endo-exocontact part of the Olympiada gold ore field (Yenisei Ridge)
RMS DPI 2014-1-46-0
Mineralogical and petrographical features of "John's stone" as evidences of pre- catastrophe fluid-thermal processes in epicenter of Tunguska event 1908
RMS DPI 2014-1-108-0
RMS Annual Session combined with the Fedorov Session 2012
Mineralogical and geochemical indicators of carbonate-sulfate-skarn mineralization genesis with Mo-Cu-Ba-Ag-Au ores in traps of Khushma structure (Evenkia, Russia)
RMS DPI 2012-1-21-0
Relation of gold and rare metal ore mineralization in the large deposits of the Yenisei ridge (Siberia)
RMS DPI 2012-1-20-0
Phase transformation of continental gas hydrate in permafrost zone as a key mechanism in Patom crater formation (Eastern Siberia, Russia).
RMS DPI 2012-1-82-0
Gold mineralization chronology of north Yenisei range: synthesis of new data
RMS DPI 2012-1-81-0
XI RMS General Meeting Modern mineralogy: from theory to practice combined with the Fedorov Session 2010
Indicator role of the chemical composition of placer gold at forecasting of primary gold deposits of the Ozerninsky ore knot (Buryatia)
RMS DPI 2010-1-93-0
Sheelite-molibdenite-chalcopyrite-apatite-magnetite mineralization around the Gavrilovo deposit of building stone (Leningrad region)
RMS DPI 2010-1-45-0
RMS Annual Session "Ontogeny of minerals applied to scientific and industrial uses (to the 100 year anniversary of Prof. Dmitry Grigoriev)"
Raman mapping: A tool for mineral identification on micro/submicroscale
RMS DPI 2009-1-80-0
Proceedings of the Saint Petersburg branch of the Russian Mineralogical Society
: ,
RMS DPI E1-2012-1-0
RMS Annual Session "Modern methods of mineralogical-geochemical researches as a base to reveal the new types of ores and technologies of their complex development"
U-Pb and Sm-Nd dating of minerals from Olympiada gold-sulfide deposit (Enisei ridge, Siberia)
RMS DPI 2006-2-56-0
Geochemical features of Yanis gold occurrence (Southern Karelia)
RMS DPI 2006-2-57-0
Application of poly-element geochemical mapping to reveal the lateral zoning of Olympiada gold deposit (Enissey ridge, Siberia)
RMS DPI 2006-2-55-0
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