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Authors - RMS DPI codes of presentations
Dubinchuk V.T.

XI RMS General Meeting “Modern mineralogy: from theory to practice” combined with the Fedorov Session 2010
Appearance of isomorphism in quartz
RMS DPI 2010-1-162-0
Structural disorder in quartz as an indicator of mineralization
RMS DPI 2010-1-90-0
RMS Annual Session "Mineralogical Investigations and Mineral Resources of Russia"
Mineralogical and geochemical features of precious metals and their reserves estimation at deposits of Onega type (Karelia), infiltration uranium deposits (Middle Asia and Kazakstan) and at some other deposits
RMS DPI 2007-2-27-0
Ñomposition and admixture elements of glauconites from upper cretaceous formation of the Central Russia
RMS DPI 2007-2-30-0
2nd International Conference "Crystallogenesis and Mineralogy"
Incorporation of large cations into chlorite structure
RMS DPI 2007-1-37-0

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