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Frank-Kamenetskaya O.V. - presentations
personal data: Frank-Kamenetskaya, Olga Victorovna
200th Anniversary Meeting of the Russian Mineralogical Society
The environmental impact on the state of Saint Petersburg historical necropolis monuments
RMS DPI 2017-1-327-0
Crystal structural and thermal stability of calcium oxalate dihydrate (weddellite)
RMS DPI 2017-1-42-0
Alteration of Mn bearing minerals under the influence of fungus Aspergillus niger
RMS DPI 2017-1-64-0
Fedorov session 2016
Carbonate deposits on Peterhof fountains' stone
RMS DPI 2016-1-42-0
The morphogenesis of oxalic acid salts formed on the surface of rocks and minerals under the influence of microorganisms
RMS DPI 2016-1-30-0
XII General Meeting of the Russian Mineralogical Society
Crystal chemistry of tourmalines, containing trivalent cations of 3d elements.
RMS DPI 2015-1-99-0
Sculptures of the pudost stone at the main entrance into the Mining institute, and restoration of them in 2015
RMS DPI 2015-1-132-0
RMS Annual Session combined with the Fedorov Session 2014
Fe3+ cations entering and structural deformations of tourmalines
RMS DPI 2014-1-89-0
Modification of hydroxyapatite surface with titanium compounds by sol-gel method
RMS DPI 2014-1-112-0
RMS Annual Session combined with the Fedorov Session 2012
Apatite of renal stones
RMS DPI 2012-1-154-0
Bioapatites of calcificates of mitral valves
RMS DPI 2012-1-111-0
To the question about the role of bacteria and viruses in formation of calcium oxalate of human renal stones
RMS DPI 2012-1-153-0
Crystal chemistry peculiarities of nickel-bearing tourmalines
RMS DPI 2012-1-145-0
Mineral formation on the surface of Saint Petersburg bronze monuments
RMS DPI 2012-1-114-0
XI RMS General Meeting “Modern mineralogy: from theory to practice” combined with the Fedorov Session 2010
Database on a state of Saint Petersburg monuments as a tool for the system analysis of stone decaying processes in the urban environment
RMS DPI 2010-1-138-0
A biomimetic approach for getting close relations to the structural and morphological complexity of biological hard tissues: Carbonated apatite-(CaF)-protein nanocomposites
RMS DPI 2010-1-42-1
Minerals As Advanced Materials II
Biogenic crystals genesis on a carbonate rock monuments surface: the main factors and mechanisms, development of nanotechnology ways of inhibition
RMS DPI 2010-2-16-1
Carbonated apatite-(CaF)-organic-nanocomposites – biominerals and biomimetic synthesis
RMS DPI 2010-2-4-1
Factors affecting formation and stability of calcium oxalates, main crystalline phases of human urinary tract stones
RMS DPI 2010-2-40-1
Fedorov Session 2008
Biomimetic carbonated fluorapatite-gelatine-nanocomposites: synthesis, characterization and morphogenesis
RMS DPI 2008-2-67-1
Hard tissues of s-elements of Late Paleozoic conodont: microstructural and crystallographic aspects
RMS DPI 2008-2-72-1
Метасоматическая кристаллизация гипса на поверхности карбонатных пород в городской среде
RMS DPI 2008-2-99-0
2nd International Conference "Crystallogenesis and Mineralogy"
Phase formation on the surface of bronze monuments in the urban environment (resulting of experiment and thermodynamic calculations)
RMS DPI 2007-1-47-0
Experimental modelling of replacement of calcite and marble by gypsum in connection with a problem of city monuments protection
RMS DPI 2007-1-67-0
Fedorov Session 2006
Изоморфизм биоапатитов различного происхождения
RMS DPI 2006-1-55-0
Изоморфизм турмалинов из редкометальных пегматитов Сангиленского нагорья
RMS DPI 2006-1-43-0
Нестехиометрия составов и изоморфизм основных минералов почечных камней
RMS DPI 2006-1-45-0
Экспериментальное и термодинамическое моделирование образования основных минеральных фаз зубных камней
RMS DPI 2006-1-35-0
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