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Kulkov A.M.

200th Anniversary Meeting of the Russian Mineralogical Society
Reconstruction of the burning temperature of ancient ceramics from the monuments of the early iron age of the Northern Pontic region
RMS DPI 2017-1-316-0
The features of pottery moulding from sites of 10-8 cc.bc in the Northern Pontic region according to the mineralogical and geochemical research
RMS DPI 2017-1-320-0
2nd International Conference "Crystallogenesis and Mineralogy"
Metasomatic mechanism of polymorphic transitions of nickel sulfate hexahydrate
RMS DPI 2007-1-15-0
Mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of Early Metal Age ceramics from Povolkhovie area
RMS DPI 2007-1-133-0
RMS Annual Session "Modern methods of mineralogical-geochemical researches as a base to reveal the new types of ores and technologies of their complex development"
Retgersite as a material for UV-filters
RMS DPI 2006-2-47-0
Fedorov Session 2006
Фазовые равновесия и фазовые переходы в системе NiSO4-H2O
RMS DPI 2006-1-31-0

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