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Precambrian high-grade mobile belts
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Venue: Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia
Dates:  16-18.06.2014
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Precambrian high-grade mobile belts (PMB) are major crustal structures preserved in ancient cratons or along their margins. Well-known PMBs are widely distributed all over the world, including Lapland-Belomorian (Fennoscandian Shield); Limpopo, Ubendian, Namaqua–Natal, Mozambique (African Shield); Southern Granulite Terrane, Eastern Ghats (Indian Shield); Trans North China Orogen, Khondalite belt (North China craton); Stanovoy (Aldan Shield); Musgrave Range (Australian Shield); Grenville, Kapuskasing uplift (North American Shield); Itabuna-Salvador-Curaca, Brasilia, Ribeira, Dom Feliciano (Brasilian Shield); and Enderby Land, Rayner (Antarctic Shield).
The distinctive features of PMB’s are large-scale, multiphase HP-UHP and HT-UHT metamorphic processes, and intense and multiple deformation. The deep crustal and lithospheric structure of PMBs differs from that of Archaean cratons in both thickness and internal architecture. At the same time, protoliths of some PMBs comprise rock associations similar to the volcano-sedimentary assemblages of greenstone belts and TTGs characteristic of Archaean cratons. PMBs should be distinguished from lower-grade Precambrian orogenic belts such as the Svecofennian (Fennoscandian Shield), Ketilidian and Trans-Hudson (North American Shield), which formed similar to modern accretionary orogens.

In spite of a great progress in the study of PMBs, there are some major unsolved problems the most significant of which will be discussed at the conference:
Archaean craton - mobile belt relationships
Metamorphic events in PMBs
Magmatic events in PMBs
Geochronology of tectono-metamorphic events in PMBs
Deep lithospheric structure of PMBs
Geodynamic models for the origin and evolution of PMBs
Metallogeny and industrial minerals in PMBs
Role of deep crustal fluids in the evolution of PMBs

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