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Association for the Study of Marble & Other Stones In Antiquity XI international conference (ASMOSIA)
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Venue: Split, Croatia
Dates:  18-22.05.2015
About conference

The themes which the Conference will deal with, will encompass the traditional research fields that have been promoted by ASMOSIA with the aim to create a basis for interdisciplinary discussions including contributions from several scientific approaches. The Conference consists of subject sessions within which all presentations are grouped. The sessions are the following: Applications to Specific Archaeological Questions – Use of Marble. Provenance Identification I: (Marble). Provenance Identification II: (Other Stones). Advances in Provenance Techniques, Methodologies and Databases. Quarries and Geology: (Quarrying Techniques, Organization, Transport of Stones, New Quarries, Stone Carving and Dressing, Hazards to and Preservation of Quarries). Stone Properties, Weathering Effects and Restoration, as related to diagnosis problems, matching of stone fragments and authenticity. Pigments and Paintings on Marble Special Theme Session: This session is usually proposed by each local organizer and may be a subject of new trends in the field or of local interest. For the Split conference the Theme Session has been agreed to be on “The use of marble and limestone in the Adriatic basin in Antiquity”. Poster Session I: (Applications to Specific Archaeological Questions, Provenance Identification I and II, Advances in Provenance Techniques, Methodologies and Databases). Poster Session II: (Quarries and Geology, Stone Properties, Weathering Effects and Restoration, Pigments and Paintings on Marble, Special Theme Session).

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