Russian Mineralogical Society
Focus on Microscopy
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Venue: Göttingen, Germany
Dates:  29.03-01.04.2015
About conference

Typical topics of the present and upcoming FOM conference will include:
Theory and practice of confocal and multiphoton-excitation microscopy
Super-resolution, nanoscopy imaging: from PSF engineering (4pi, SIM, STED), fluorescent activation/quenching, stochastic/centroid (PALM, STORM, GSDIM, SOFI and related techniques) to TIRF
3D and 4D live cell and tissue imaging
Adaptive optics for microscopy
Developments in phase/interference microscopies
Light sheet microscopy
Advanced fluorescence imaging/spectroscopy: FRET, FRAP, FLIM, FCS
New fluorescence probes, proteins, quantum dots, single molecule imaging
Coherent non-linear microscopies: SHG, THG, SFG, CARS.
Developments in phase/interference microscopies
Multi-dimensional fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy imaging
Correlated light/electron microscopy
Laser manipulation and tracking, photo-activation
Bio- and nanomaterials, biosensors
OCT, endoscopy
Fast acquisition, automated and high-content microscopy
3D image processing and visualization for multidimensional data

A technical exhibition will be an integral part of the upcoming FOM conference.

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