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Bio-inert Interactions: Life and Rocks
Contact e-mail: geochemistrygeology.pu.ru
Venue: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Dates:  25-28.06.2007
Organized by RMS:  yes
Commissions: Environmental Mineralogy and Geochemistry
About conference

The first symposium took place in 2002 and the second in 2004, about 300 scientists in different fields of Nature sciences (geology, biology) as well as architects and historians of art took part there. It was decided to held such meetings on the regular base. Symposium is initiated by the oldest Russian scientific societies and its main goal consists in discussion of the processes of interactions between biological and mineral systems by scientists working in different branches of Natural science, biology, architecture and art.

Problems for discussion at the symposium:
1. Bio-inert interactions in lithosphere.
2. Soils and bottom sediments as bio-inert systems
3. Biogenic rock- and ore formation. Fossilization of live organisms.
4. Rocks in living organism. Medical geology.
5. Biological factors in dilapidation of stone-built monuments and their monitoring
6. Problems of ecological mineralogy and geochemistry.

Excursions during the symposium:
1. The Northern part of St-Petersburg, with the visit to the dam in the Finnish Gulf and places of interest in Kronshtadt.
2. Geological and biological museums of St-Petersburg. Excursions after the symposium (28-29 June, 2007):
3. Two-days excursion about the Karelian isthmus Karelian Ring. 28, June (Thursday), 8 a.m. departure from Alexander Nevsky Square. Excursion about the stone monuments of the town of Vyborg; visits to the open pits of Gavrilovo, Erkelya, Vozrozhdenie, Kamenogorsk, Borodinka, Borodinskoe, Kuznechnoe; excursion to the caves - place of ancient settlement, excursion about the castle in Priozersk. 29, June (Friday) 10p.m. return to the Alexander Nevsky square. More detailed information about excursions is available by e-mail: spboe@mail.ru Marina Savchenko. Dead-line for two-days excursion 15 March, 2007. Important dates 15 May, 2007 the last day for submission of thesis 26-27, June 2007 - the symposium 28-29, June 2007- excursions. Requirements to submission of thesis: Russian and/or English, not more than 2pages, format A4, Times New Roman, size12, interval between lines 1, left border. Margins: left and right 2,5sm, upper and lower 3 sm. Languages of the symposium: Russian and English. Registration fee (for foreign participants) - 100 EU.

Address for communication: Saint-Petersburg Society of Naturalists, University emb., 7/9, St-Petersburg 199034
Tel.: (812)- 328-95-30
E-mail: spboe@mail.ru
Marina Savchenko.

Registration fee (for foreign participants) - 100 EU.

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 32 K
Registration Open:  09/04/2007
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