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XIX International Meeting on Crystal Chemistry, X-ray Diffraction and Spectroscopy of Minerals
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Venue: Apatity, Murmansk Oblast, Russia
Dates:  02-05.07.2019
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XIX International Meeting on Crystal Chemistry, X-ray Diffraction and Spectroscopy of Minerals is devoted to the memory of great Russian crystallographer, mineralogist, petrologist and mining engineer Academician E.S. Fedorov (10(22).12.1853-21.05.1919), one of the founders of modern crystallography and discoverer of 230 space groups.
In 1891 and 1902, E.S. Fedorov described for the first time alkaline apatite- and nepheline-bearing rocks of Kola peninsula (at the Turiy peninsula of the White Sea) and suggested its possible use for the production of phosphorous fertilizers.

Main themes:
General problems of inorganic crystal chemistry and structural mineralogy.
X-ray crystallography and X-ray crystal structure analysis.
Mineral physics and spectroscopy.
Applied mineralogy and crystal chemistry.
High-pressure and high-temperature crystal chemistry.
Theoretical crystal chemistry and mineralogy.
History of mineralogy and crystal chemistry.

Venue: Federal Research Centre ‘Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Fersmana str. 14, 184209 Apatity, Russia

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