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Lithological Meeting GEOLOGY OF REEFS
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Venue: Syktyvkar, Republik of Komi, Russia
Dates:  23-25.06.2020
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Meeting Place The Lithological Meeting \"GEOLOGY OF REEFS\" will be organized at the Institute of Geology of Komi Science Centre of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences ( Meeting website: Scientific program Topics Basic concepts and diagnostic features of organogenous structures; Biodiversity and evolution of reef ecosystems; Genetic diversity of organogenous structures; Microbial carbonates as components of organogenous structures; The role of microbiota and fluids in the formation of carbonate buildups; A complex analysis of reef formation areas. Practical seminar \"Diversity of genetic types of rocks of organogenic buildings\", with viewing of thin-sections and samples collections. Field Trip \"Paleozoic organogenous buildups of the Ilych River basin, Northern Urals\". June 26-July 04, 2020.

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