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The Mantle of Mars: Insights from Theory, Geophysics, High-Pressure Studies, and Meteorites
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Venue: Houston, Texas, USA
Dates:  09-11.09.2012
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Over the last 15 years we have had a revolution in our understanding of the surface of Mars through robust orbital, landed in situ, and rover missions. The same cannot be said of our understanding of the martian interior. Nevertheless, we have made significant advances in our understanding through geophysical measurements that have been made, theoretical modeling, estimates of the bulk martian composition, and high-pressure studies. In addition, the suite of martian meteorites (~60 unpaired samples), which represent remnants of basaltic magmatism, have been used as “probes” of the martian mantle using geochemical and high-pressure techniques to establish the composition, mineralogy, and origin of their source regions. The samples have also been dated by several isotopic systems, giving us insight into the temporal evolution and dynamics of the mantle. The goal of this workshop is to summarize what we know as well as what we need to know about the origin, evolution, and structure of the martian mantle (magma ocean vs. serial magmatism models, etc.). This is critical to understanding the role of mantle processes in shaping the martian surface, as well as similarities and differences in evolutionary pathways that shaped the terrestrial planets. We hope to gain insights into future mission concepts and to stimulate cross-discipline interactions.

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