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EMU School 2014 – Planetary mineralogy
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Venue: Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Dates:  24.08-02.09.2014
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Topics and teachers • Planetary interiors (Wim van Westrenen, VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands) • Lunar geology (Mahesh Anand, Open University, UK) • Meteorite parent bodies (Josep Trigo-Rodríguez, Institute of Space Sciences, Barcelona, Spain) • Early solar system solids (Ian Saunders, Trinity College, Dublin) • Noble gas chemistry of planetary materials (Julia Cartwright, Max Plank Institute, Germany) • Isotopic analysis of primitive materials (Jutta Zipfel, Natural History Museum, Frankfurt, Germany) • Terrestrial impacts (Alex Deutsch, Institut für Planetologie, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany) • Shock metamorphism (Mark Burchell, Department of Physics, University of Kent, U.K.) • Organics in primitive meteorites & NanoSIMS techniques (Laurent Remusat, Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris) • Micrometeorites (Luigi Folco, Università di Pisa, Italy)

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