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Venue: Leoben, Austria
Dates:  08-10.08.2011
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European Current Research on Fluid Inclusions (ECROFI) meetings have always attracted a wide range of Earth Scientists investigating the role of fluids and melts within the Earth and planetary bodies. For ECROFI XXI we invite scientific presentations on almost anything related to the development and application of research into fluid- and melt inclusions, including the following fields: * Advances in analytical techniques * Experimental studies * Theoretical studies (e.g. fluid phase relations, equations of state) * Diagenetic fluids * Petroleum fluids * Geothermal systems * Fluid flow * Deep crustal and mantle fluids * Ore deposits * Melt inclusions and igneous processes * Fluids in tectonics * Paleoclimate * Extraterrestrial fluids * Waste disposal * Novel fields

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