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Year 1936 Part 65 Issue 1
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Article list
Tolstikhina .
Materiaux pour la stratigraphie du paleozoique superieur dans la region de Kizel
pages 3-36
Bezukladnova R. F.
On the Stratigraphial Position of Several Gypsiferous Series of the Permian in the Orenburg Region, South Urals
pages 41-46
Ansheles J. M.
The Problem on the Spacing of the Planes in Complex Parallelepipedal Systems
pages 47-53
Shafranovsky I. I.
Some Principles of Distribution of the Polar Distances for Crystals of the Medial Syngonies
pages 55-68
Grigoriev D. P.
Uber Kristalldeformation in einigen kunstlichen und naturlichen Silikatschmelzen
pages 69-72
Fredericks G. N., Emeliantzev .
Repartition des mouvements alpins dans l URSS
pages 73-79
Vialov O. S.
Die Callowayische (Adygeische) tektonische Phase in Kaukasus
pages 81-97
Efremov X. .
Nefedievite and Keffekilite from the Laba-Region, Northern Caucasus
pages 99-107
Efremov N. .
Labite: a new Mineral
pages 108-117
Mashkovtzev S. F.
On some Rocks of the Penjina Gulf
pages 118-128
Krotov . P.
Contibutions to the Question of Methods of Field Petrological Investigations In Areas of Development of Sedimentary Rocks
pages 129-144
Chudovskaia I. R., Iskull . V.
On the Mineral Inclusions and their Distribution in coals
pages 145-162
Tschirwinsky P.
Orthit und dessen Paragenesis in den kristallinen Gesteinen der Halbinsel Kola
pages 166-176
Krotov . P.
Explanations and Answers to the Questions, concerning the Article: Contributions to the Problem of the Tatarian Stage
pages 178-188
I Need Grant Support
pages 189-193
Godlevsky . N., Nemilova A. V.
Literature on Crystallography and Mineralogy for 1935 (USSR)
pages 193-212

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