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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1943 Part 72 Issue 3
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Article list
Belankin D. S., Lapin V. V.
On the Mineralogy of the Uralian Manganese Ores
pages 161-166
Vistelius A. B.
On the Garnets from the Region of the Lake Balhash
pages 167-173
Kuharenko A.
On the intergrowths of Diamond in the Xantophyllites from the Shishim Mountains
pages 174-176
Valarovitch M. P., Leontieva A. A.
On the influence of Pressure on the Lineal Speed of the Crystallization of Silicates
pages 177-182
Zavits V. A.
The Rocks Enclosing the Utchaly Pirite Deposit and Their Metamorphism
pages 183-206
Dembo T. M.
Metasomatic Pseudo-porphyrites of the Enashimo Region of the North Enisei Taiga
pages 207-212
Vhrameeva V. A., Chirvinsky P. N.
Mineralogical Characteristics of Solikamsk Carnallite
pages 213-223
Belyankin. D. S. Eremeev V. P., Petrov V. P., Favsa M. A.
On the Neointrusions of the Bak (Etseri) type in the Caucasus
pages 224-236
Betekhtin A. G.
On the Graphic Representation of the Substantial Composition of Manganese Ores
pages 237-251
tv B. .
The Connection between Epeirogenesis, the Genetic Types of Iron Ore Deposits and their Distribution in the Urals during the Mesocainozoic
pages 252-255

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