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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1961 Part 90 Issue 3
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Article list
Belov N. V.
On the theorem of Friedel
pages 257-259
Klya M. O., Lommlein G. G.
Primary gas inclusions in crystals
pages 260-265
Gritzaenko G. S., Gorshkov A. I.
Enveloping replicas from separate particles
pages 266-269
Zhabin A. G., Alexandrov V. B., Burova T. A.
New data on fersmite
pages 270-280
Short communications
Chesnokov B. V.
Crystals of chevkinite from Vishnevye Mountains in the Ural
pages 281
Siniakov V. I., Chichkova T. A.
A large plate of native cupper from Gornaya Shoria
pages 282-283
Rosina B. B.
On hydrothermal alterations of accessory titano-magnetite and ilmenite in magmatic rocks of Kazakhstan and Jungaria
pages 284-288
Zhidkov A. J.
Loparite from North Baikal upland
pages 288-291
Zalishchak B. L., Kisura V. E.
The discovery of eudialyte in Primorye
pages 291-294
Shadlun T. N.
Tellurium-bismuthite from the pyrite ore of the deposit Uchalinsky (South Ural)
pages 294-296
Pinus T. V.
Magnesium antophyllite asbestos of Tuva
pages 296-298
Babkin P. V.
Hypergenetic minerals of mercury on Chukotsk
pages 299-301
Koltun L. I., Liakhov U. V., Pisnur A. B.
On the conditions of the formation of axinites
pages 301-307
Speranskaya I. M.
Alunite deposit of secondary quartzite type in the north-east of U. S. S. R
pages 307-310
Volostnikh G. T., Diakonov U. S.
X-ray diffraction analysis applied to petrographic thin sections
pages 310-312
Ivkin N. M.
On tenardite from the lake Batmak in the Daghestan Autonomous S. S. R.
pages 312-320
Khalfin S. L.
The nature of granopatic textures of the granitoids from Taraskyr, Western Saiany
pages 320-326
Logvinenko N. V., Karpova G. V.
Carbonate concretions of the Tauric formation of Crimea
pages 326-338
Poliakova N. V.
Division of opaque minerals in thin sections into magnetic and nonmagnetic
pages 338-340
Stupkina L. M.
The chemical nature of garnet
pages 340-345
Vosnesensky S. D.
Piedmontite schists from the left riverside of Khemchik, Western Tuva
pages 345-348
Kochkin U. N.
On preparation of oriented thin sections from fine grains
pages 348-349
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Lebedinsky V. I.
Some foreign works on spilites
pages 350-354
Nyrkov A. A.
Once more on sulunite
pages 354-355
Kulikov M. V.
Index to the 2-nd series of the Memoirs of the Ail-Union Mineralogical Society published from 1912 to 1957
pages 355-356
Oleg Dmitrievich Levitzky
pages 357-359
Soloviev S. P.
Account of the activity of the All-Union Mineralogical Society for the year 1960
pages 360-370
Soloviev S. P.
The first collection of papers of the Kola branch of the All-Union Mineralogical Society
pages 370

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