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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1961 Part 90 Issue 4
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Article list
Kukharenko A. A., BuIakh A. G., Baklanova K. A.
Sulphate-monazite from the carbonatites of the Kola Peninsula
pages 373-381
Pospelov G. I., Kaushanskaya P. I., Saratovkin D. D.
Formation of crystalline «veins-walls» at the encountering diffusion of reagents
pages 382-390
Nikanorov A. S.
Some defects of muscovite crystals
pages 391-399
Sergeev A. S.
Oxonic pyrochlore from fenites of the Kola Peninsula
pages 400-407
Bondarenko L. P., Daguelaisky V. R.
On eulizites from the region of Chudskoye-Lake, Kola Peninsula
pages 408-424
Ermilova L. P., Senderova V. M.
Betpakdalite a new mineral from the zone of oxidation of wolframite deposit of Karaoba
pages 425-430
Grigoriev D. P.
What is it a mineral?
pages 431-437
Short communications
Djafarov Ch. D.
Peculiarities of the morphology of pyrite crystals from the deposits of I the Nakhichevan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
pages 451-458
Jakovlevskaya T. A.
Ibonite from Gornaya Shoria
pages 458-461
Kurshakova L. D.
Particularities of the ore composition from the pyrite deposit Buribaevsk in South Ural
pages 462-469
Minsky N. A., Korolev U. M.
Association of the bituminous substance with quartz, saponite and calcite in intrusive basalts
pages 469-472
Makhlaev V. G.
An original structure of dolomite
pages 472-478
Strona P. A.
Use of the ocular mouth piece OKC-1 with the microscope MP-3 and MP-5
pages 479
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Shafranovsky I. I.
A letter to the mineralogists
pages 481-486
Tatarsky V. B.
On refractive indices of biaxial crystals in mineralogical articles
pages 486-488
Ilupin I. P., Koslov I. T., Pankratov A. A.
To the origin of minerals-attendants of diamonds in Kimberlites of Yakut
pages 488-492
Kostov I.
The book of Prof. I. I. Shafranovsky «Lectures on ciystalmorphology»
pages 492

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