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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1963 Part 92 Issue 4
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Article list
Kukharenko A. A.
V. I. Vernadsky and the modern mineralogy. (To the centenary)
pages 385-393
Nakovnik N. I.
Vertical zoning of postmagmatic metasomatism products and the place of formation of secondary quartzites and prophylites in it
pages 394-409
Fedoseyev A. D., Korytkova E. N.
The behavior of zeolites of the natrolite group by heating
pages 410-419
Dementjeva G. I.
About limits of intergrowth on crystals
pages 420-433
Syrizo L. F.
Study of distribution of rare metal mineralization by the mathematic statistic method
pages 434-444
Ghenkin A. D., Muravjeva T. V.
Indite and djanlindite-the new minerals of indium
pages 445-457
Ankinovich E. A., Hecht I. I., Saizeva P. I.
A new variety of cyanotrichite-carbon-cyanotrjchite
pages 458-463
Short communications
Fedorov O. V.
A second occurrence of calcic uranium molybdate in USSR
pages 464-465
Meshcheriakov S. S.
Distribution of indium in tin and gold ore manifestation
pages 466-470
Kazarjan A. G.
Regularity of mineralization stages manifestation in different ore formations on the territory of the Armenian SSR
pages 470-474
Zarovsky I. D., Tiinoshenko O. D.
Occurrence of nepheline syenites in the Middle Near-Dnjepr region
pages 474-476
Avdonin V. V.
Some peculiarities of granites on the contact with the crystal schist. (Caucasus, North Osetia)
pages 476-479
Starkov N. P.
Sepiolite from the Kungur sediments, NearKama region
pages 479-484
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Mokievsky V. A.
Some remarks on the book «Ontogeny of Minerals» by D. P. Grigoriev
pages 485-488
Dymkov U. M.
On the book «Ontogeny of Minerals» by D. P. Grigoriev
pages 489-491
Dubinina V. N., Ivanova A. A., Kormilitiin V. S., Shtahl N. V., Shtchegolev A. D.
Critical notes on the book «Geology and Metallogeny of East Trans-Baikal» by F. A. Shutliv
pages 492-495
Michel N. Shkabara
pages 496-498
Soloviev S. P.
Report of the activity of the All-Union Mineralogical Society in 1962
pages 499-508
Kasitzin U. V.
The All-Union Conference on methods of study and geological value of accessory minerals
pages 508-511
Soloviev S. P.
The third issue o! «Memoirs of the East-Siberian branch of the All-Union Mineralogical Society
pages 511-512

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