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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1964 Part 93 Issue 1
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Article list
Shabnin L. I., atushina . .
New data referring to szaibelyite and the so-called alumoferroascharite
pages 3-12
Pertzev N. N., Alexandrv. S. M.
Ludwigite with a high content of alumina
pages 13-20
Elissejev E. N.
About anomalies on x-ray diagrams of clay minerals and study of mixed layered aggregates
pages 21-28
Tarnovsky G. N., Vassiliev E. K.
The bavenite of pegmatites from East Siberia
pages 29-36
Drugova G. M., ugrva V. D.
Garnets of granulitic facies of the Aldan shield under the conditions of polymetamorphism
pages 37-45
Khnev A. P.
On the orientation of spodumene in pegmatites of East Siberia
pages 46-53
Short communications
krhkin . ., Gonibessova K. A., Mkrhkina M. S.
On blomstrandite
pages 54-59
Mlhanv V. I.
To the methodology of the definition of angles of optic axes by indirect means on the E. S. Fedorov stage
pages 60-64
Walter A. A., Eremenko G. K.
Magnetometric study of the state of cerium in britholite
pages 64-68
Strna P. A.
The reflective property of some ore minerals in polished slides
pages 69-72
Chesnokov B. V.
The occurence of betafite in pegmatites of nepheline feldspathic composition
pages 73
Grjainv I. N.
Textures arising by the hypergene disulphidisation of pyrrhotite
pages 74-80
Zaritiky P. V.
Probertite from sediments of the Bakhmut depression
pages 80-83
Goncharov U. I.
Sulphide mineralization in carbonate rocks of the Bakhmut depression
pages 83-89
Rusk U. A.
On the morphology of nontronite
pages 89-92
Ushkin N. P.
Recrystallization of gypsum of sulphur deposing solutions
pages 93-96
Kotelnikov D. D., Anurv B. A.
Results of clay mineral investigation in sediments of Maikop series in Pre-Caucasus
pages 96-105
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Trkhanva G. A., Sidrenk G. A., Kuznetzva N. N.
On the new mineralpravdite
pages 106-110
Nkvnik N. I.
The definition of subtraction-addition of a substance accompanying the process of metasomatism and the law of Lindgren
pages 110-113
Sergey I. Taldykin
pages 114-117
Frank-Kamenetzky V. A., Saldau E. P., Sklva E. P.
The 2-nd All-Union Conference on x-ray diffraction of mineral raw materials
pages 118-120

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