Russian Mineralogical Society
Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1966 Part 95 Issue 3
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Article list
N. N. Stulov
pages 253-255
SoIoviev S. P., Stulov N. N.
A century of the «Memoirs» of the Mineralogical Society (2-nd series)
pages 256-259
Terzyev G. I.
On the luzonite-famatinite group of minerals
pages 260-271
Kravchuk T. A., Nekrasov I. J., Grigoriev A. P.
Mineral formation conditions of the ludwigite-vonsenite series according to experimental data
pages 272-286
Radkevich R. O., Tobelko K. I.
The knebelite of the deposit Sadonskoye
pages 287-296
Landa E. A.
On the origin of melilite rocks in the alkali ultrabasic massif
pages 297-308
Bonstedt-Kupletskaya E. M.
New minerals. XVIII
pages 309-328
Short communications
Zyganov E. M., Novojilova G. V.
Acmite inclusions in artificial quartz crystals
pages 329-333
Turovsky S. D., Kim V. F., Iljinskaya G. G.
On the colloidal malacon
pages 333-339
Prostchenko E. G., Batalieva N. G., Bykova A. V.
Fluosilicate of rare earth from pegmatites of Siberia
pages 339-345
Bukanov V. V.
To the problem of axinite symmetry
pages 345-348
Porotikov A. P.
Morphology of fluorine phlogopite from the gas phase and its intergrowth with iron crystals
pages 348-352
Sergeyev V. N., Kusmin A. M.
On the interior morphology of magnetite crystals
pages 352-357
Kekelia S. A.
Crystalline schists from the western part of the main Caucasus mountain range and their paragenetic analysis
pages 357-363
Basarova T. U., Feygin J. M.
Mineral thermometric investigation of nepheline from the Lovosersky massif
pages 364-366
Bersina A. P., Sotnikov V. I., Rylov G. M.
On potassic feldspars metasomatic rocks of the Sorsky deposit
pages 367-372
Frank-Kamenetzky V. A., Saldau E. P.
The 3-rd All-Union Conference on roentgenograph investigations of raw minerals
pages 373-380
Soloviev S. P.
«Morphology, properties and origin of minerals)) (Issue of the Ukrainian branch of the All-Union Mineralogical Society)
pages 380

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