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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1967 Part 96 Issue 1
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Article list
Tatarinov P. M., Strona P. A.
Principal peculiarities of deposits connected with volcanic formations
pages 3-11
Bogolepov V. G.
The role of the textural-structural factor in establishing the balance of a substance of metasomatic mineralorigin
pages 12-21
Amshinsky N. N., Orlova L. I., Mariich I. V.
Distribution of rare elements in granitoid bodies of different morphology (after the example of some Altai massifs)
pages 22-29
Timofeyevsky D. A.
On lead and silver sulphoantimonites of the owyheeite group from the East Transbaikal deposits
pages 30-44
Evsikova N. Z.
Morphologic peculiarities of calcite and dolomite in carbonatites from the north part of the Siberrian platform
pages 45-50
Gordienko V. V.
Crystallo-chemical peculiarities of holmguistite-litium gedrite
pages 51-57
Komkov A. I., Nefedov E. I.
Posnjakite-a new mineral
pages 58-62
Nojkin A. D., Gavrilenko V. A., Moleva V. A.
Usovite-a new barium fluor-aluminate
pages 63-66
Bonstedt-Kupletskaya E. M.
New minerals. XIX
pages 67-81
Short communications
Soloviev N. S.
Some petrochemical peculiarities of latemesozoic magmatic associationsof South-East Transbaical
pages 82-89
Besedin E. V.
The process of the geometric selection in the magnetite crystal aggregate
pages 89-93
Tatarsky V. B.
Optical properties of preobrajenskite
pages 94-95
Fedorov O. V.
On the umochoite
pages 95-97
Rosina B. B.
Accessory uranothorite in syenite-pegmatites of the Pamirs
pages 98-100
Smirnov F. L., Premisler K. M.
The sulvanitein quartz-carbonate veins of Pay-Hoy
pages 100-104
Kononova M. M.
The composition of tabular ingrowth in orthorombic pyroxenes from charnokite rocks
pages 104-107
Soloviev S. P.
«Mineralogy and geochemistry of sulphiude deposits of Uzbekistan. (Issue of the Uzbekistan branch of the All-Union Mineralogical Society)
pages 108

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