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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1967 Part 96 Issue 2
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Article list
Soloviev S. P.
150-th anniversary (1817-1967) of the All-Union Mineralogical Society
pages 109-116
Leonova V. A., Firnlina V. V., Zvarykina A. V.
Accessory xenotimes from the pegmatite veins of Chupa and the distribution peculiarities in them of rare elements
pages 117-132
Steinbergand D. S., Fominikh V. G.
Glinopyroxenes of pyroxenites from Kachkanar(Urals)
pages 133-140
Rimskaya-Korsakova O. M., Krasnova N. I., Petrov T. G., Polikarpova V. N.
The nature of ornaments observed on the cleavage planes of some phlogopites
pages 141-154
Kayupova M. M.
The ferrous and magnesian varieties of the pennantite from Atasouy deposits in Central Kazakhstan
pages 155-161
Nikanorov A. S., Mikhailov I. I.
Formation temperature of muskovite
pages 162-169
Kalinin E. P.
On the correlation betveen principal ions of amphiboles and their influence on the oplical properties of minerals
pages 170-182
Pavilaytis M. M., Soboleva S. V.
Complex investigation of sphalerite in different stages of mineralization (on the material from the Djidinsky deposit)
pages 183-190
Short communications
Beskin S. M.
Common features in the zoning of pegmatites of different composition
pages 191-194
Lehedev V. I., Nagayzev Yu. V., Chernysheva V. F.
On the dependence of garnets properties from their chemical composition
pages 194-198
Anikin I. N., Porotikov A. P.
Some crystallization conditions of fluor phlogopite from the gaseaus phase
pages 198-202
Belov A. N.
On the diagram use in the definition of the plagioclase composition of hypabyssal intrusive rocks
pages 202-206
Sviagin N. V., Gaydukova M. K.
Crystalline lyndochite from alkaline metasomatites of Urals
pages 206-210
Gurov E. P., Gurova E. P.
On the zoning of K-Na feldspares in the hypabyssal rocks of the Stanovoy ridge
pages 210-215
Tursky A. A.
Diagnostics of small grains of the diamond minerals satellites
pages 215-218
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Baranov V. D., Garmash A. A.
On the age and genesis of the pyrite-polymetallic mineralization of the Ore-Altai
pages 219-222
Grigoriev D. P., Tatarsky V. B., FrankKamenetzky V. A.
The Fifth Conference of the International Mineralogical Association (England, 1966)
pages 223-227
Frank-Kamenetzky V. A.
Information on the session of the Commission on new minerals and the mineral names of the International Mineralogical Association (England, 1966)
pages 228-230
Cherepanov V. A.
The II Conference on metasomatism in zones near ore hodies
pages 230-236

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