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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1969 Part 98 Issue 5
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Article list
Vlasov G. M., Borisov i O. G.
Differentiation of magmatic emanations and the significance of oxide modifications of rocks by ore searches
pages 517-529
Zlobin B. I.
On forms of copper finding in eruptive mountain rocks
pages 530-538
Cheprasov B. L., Pokrovskaya I. V., Isjumsky S. I., Kovrigo O. A.
Postores diabasic dikes of the Ridder-Sokolny deposit (Ore Altai)
pages 539-551
Andrusenko N. I., Dronov V. V.
Some problems on the crystal ontogenesis of the Iceland spar
pages 552-559
Bartoshinsky Z. V., Gnevushev M. A.
External symmetry of the Jakut diamonds and their crystallization conditions
pages 560-567
Futerhendler S. I., Shemanin V. I., Khatalishvily G. V.
On the composition and division of inclusions in crystals of synthetic diamonds
pages 568-573
Ilupin I. P.
On the dependence of the composition of some prime minerals and the chemical composition of the Jakut kimberlites
pages 574-578
Pirogov B. I., Pirogova V. V.
Crystallization processes in the stone foundry of diabases
pages 579-585
Kayupova M. M., Marsuvanov V. L.
Kontrolite and coronadite
pages 586-592
Dumler F. L., Skornjakova K. P., Shulga G. G.
Rabdophonite-La in the meathered crust of limestones-a new type of rare earth ore formation
pages 593-600
Short communications
Yurin Yu. F.
On the structure of sphalerite metacrystals and their mutual relation with the schistose quartz in ores of the deposit III International
pages 601-605
Sergeyev A. D., Novikova M. I.
Fluoborite from the tin ore deposit of Transbaikal
pages 605-608
Shishkin N. N., Mikhailova V. A.
New data on the mineralization of nickel-cobalt deposit źHovuaxinsky╗
pages 609-612
Skornjakova K. P.
Solubility forms of alums in the solution of acetous ammonium of different concentration
pages 613-616
Stepina Z. A.
Spectroscopical characteristic of carbonbearing dolomite-phosphores
pages 616-619
Mukanov K. M., Sljusarev A. P., Khaltaev G. T.
To the investigation method of micro inclusions of silver minerals in lead-zinc ores
pages 619-624
Kilimnik B. K., Ushatinsky I. N.
On the effective thickness of samples in the diffractometric analysis of clays
pages 625-627
To the 70 -anniversary of the honour member, vice-president of the All-Union Mineralogical Society the Academic Dmitry S. Korginsky
pages 628-630
Soloviev S. P.,
źMemoirs of the , Kirghizian branch of the All-Union Mineralogical Society (7-th issue)
pages 630
Soloviev. S. P., Dolivo-Dobrovolsky V. V.
Report of the activity of the All-Union Mineralogical Society for the year 1968
pages 631-641
Shadlun T. N.
Information on the conference of the Ore Microscopy Commission IMA in Copenhagen the 3-th May 1969
pages 642

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