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Year 1985 Part 114 Issue 2
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Article list
Shaposhnikov G. N.
To 40-anniversary of Great Victory
pages 145-149
Grigoriev D. P.
Our Mineralogical Society in 1942
pages 150-154
Beskin S. M., Densenko V. K., Marin Yu. B.
Petrological features of granitoid series as criterion of assay value of rare-metal mineralization in provinces and knots
pages 155-166
Ratman I. P., Kekeliya S. A., Narozauly I. G.
Zonation of molybdenum-cuprous-porphyric deposits connected with diorite-tonalite-plagiogranite complexes (on example of Tehutsk deposit, Arm. SSR)
pages 167-177
Egorov K. N.
Mineral inclusions in basic minerals of kimberlites of Yakutia and their genesis importance
pages 178-186
New minerals
Rudashevsky N. S., Menshikov Yu. P., Mochalov A. G., Trubkin N. V., Shumskaya N. I., Zhdanov V. V.
Cuprorhodsite CuRh2S4 and cuproiridsite CuIr2S4- new native tiospinels of platinum elements
pages 187-194
Chesnokov B. V., Bazhenova L. F.
Srebrodolskite Ca2Fe2O5-a new mineral
pages 195-199
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Evdokimov A. N., Bagdasarov E. A.
Ilmenites from kimberlites and placers associated with them of NorthEast of Siberia platform
pages 200-211
Nesterov E. G., Begizov V. D., Zavyalov E. N., Kryukov V. K., Ghvileva T. N.
The first find of bohdanowiczite AgBiSe2 in USSR
pages 212-215
Skvortsov V. A., Kazmin L. A., Karpov I. K.
Thermodynamic features of litium silicates
pages 216-218
Makkenzi R. K.
Volkonskoites from Near the Kama and from Jordan
pages 219-220
Florovskaya V. N., Korytov F. Ya., Ogloblina A.I., Ramenskaya M. E.
About composition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon in fluorid crystals
pages 221-223
Tsumbal S. N., Tatarintsev V. I., Garanin V. K., Kudryavtseva G. P., Kolodko A. A.
Tempered particles from eruptive breccia of joint zone of massif of Near Sea of Azov with Donbas
pages 224-228
Reverdatto V. V.
Hypersthene hornfelses of Transcarpathians and high-temperature mineral paragenesis of contact-metamorphic metapelites
pages 229-233
Podvysotsky V. T.
Serpentin-carbonate mineralization in kimberlites
pages 234-247
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Talantsev A, S., Zevakova N. E., Voronina L. K.
About temperature contrast of formation of calcite and homogeneus equilibrium of gasliquid inclusions in it
pages 248-253
Yushkin N.P.
The Third practical School by ontogeny of minerals
pages 254-255
Sokolova T. N.
The Annual Meeting of the Mineralogical Society of the USSR
pages 256

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