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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1988 Part 117 Issue 2
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Article list
Borodina N. S., Fershtatcr G. B.
Composition and nature of muscovite from granites
pages 137-144
Tsyurupa A. I., Ananyev V. V.
Amphiboles from margins on plagioclase crystals in basalts
pages 145-152
Likhanov I. I.
Evolution of chemical composition of minerals from metapellites at low temperature contact metamorphism (e. g. of Kuznetsky Alatau)
pages 153-162
Krasilshchikova O. A. Pavlun N. N., Krochuk V. M., Tarashchan A. N.
On the mechanisms of colour and luminescent zoning of fluorite from molybdentungsten deposit Akchatau
pages 163-174
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Orsoev D. A.
Chromespinellids from sulfide impregnation ores of laminated massifs .
pages 175-181
Kudryavtseva G. P., Posukhova T. V., Cherenkova A. F.
Crystal morphology of ilmenite, garnets and chromespinellids from kimberlites of Prianbarie
pages 181-189
Filimonova L. G., Boyarskaya R. V., Kotenko G. A., Laputina I. P.
Morphology and composition fea tures of zircon from Senonian-Eocene percilic volcanites of South Sikhote Alin
pages 190-197
Laguta O. N., Vasilyev. Yu. R., Arkhipenko D. K., Ivantchenko I. Yu.
Natrolite and apophillite from amygdaloidal lava of the basin of Kotui river
pages 198-203
New minerals
Kachalovskaya V. M., Osipov B. S., Nazarenko N. G., Kukoev V. A., Mazmanyan A. O., Egorov I. N., Kaplunnik L. N.
Chvilevaite, a new alnaline sulfide of composition Na(Cu,Fe,Zn)2S2
pages 204-207
Shcherbakova E. P., Bazhenova L. F., Chesnokov B. V.
Godovikovite, NH4(A1,Fe)(S04)2, a new mineral
pages 208-211
Investigation techiques for minerals, rocks and ores
Poroshina I. A.
Application of structural crystal optical method for revealing of architectural frameworks in silicates and oxides
pages 212-221
Ivanova L. A., Vokhmentsev A. Ya., Medvedev V. Ya., Tret'yakova L. I.
Spectral colorimeter studies of nephrites related to the process of their ennobling
pages 221-226
Kolodiev B. N.
To anisotropy of infra-red absorption of fluorphlogopite in the range of 3720-3450 cm-1
pages 227-229
Ivtchenko V. I.
Radiation paramagnetic centres in clay minerals
pages 230-240
Olga Mikhailovna Rimskaya-Korsakova
pages 241-242
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Shafranovsky I. I.
The law or not the law?
pages 243-245
Leonova E. M., Gavrilenko V. V., Sorokin N. D.
On chromite finding in terrigene sedimentary rock mass of Komsomolsky stanniferous region
pages 245-247
Samusina S. N.
Fedorov Scientific Session for the year 1987
pages 248-251
Shabalin B. G.
Scientific Session of the Ukrainian Mineralogical society and the conference Zircon
pages 252-253
Zaritsky P. B., Shabalin B. G.
Scientific Session of the Ukrainian Mineralogical Society and the conference 150 anniversary of the department of Mineralogy, Kharkov university,,
pages 253-255
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