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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1988 Part 117 Issue 4
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Article list
Treivus E. B.
The dependence of crystal shape on temperature and solution supersaturation
pages 401-411
Bakushkin E. M., Rezhenova S. A.
Distribution, composition and crystallization conditions for oxide minerals from Karikiavr differentiated intrusions (Kola peninsular)
pages 412-421
Korzhynsky A. F., Kovalishin Z. I., Platonova E. L.
Physical-chemical formation conditions of the Djidian molybdenum-tungsten deposit, as determined by the study of inclusions in minerals
pages 422-428
Melnikov E. P.
Classification of quartz metamorphites
pages 429-436
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Shnaider A. A.
Morphological features of cassiterite crystals from the deposits of Omsukchansky region (Northern-East of the USSR)
pages 437-442
Kotova L. N.
High-calcic garnets in granitoids of South Belomor'ie
pages 443-455
Ushakov O. P., Danilevitch A. M., Ageeva L. V., Kirikov A. D., Pavshukov V. V,, Sokolova O. M.
On typomorphic features of carbonates .
pages 456-458
New minerals
Vergasova L. P., Filatov S. K., Serafimova E. K., Varaksina T. V.
Kamchatkite, KCu3OCl(SO4)2, a new mineral from volcanic sublimates
pages 459-461
Investigation techiques for minerals, rocks and ores
Smetannikova O. G., Frank-Kamenetskii V. A., Anikeeva L. I.
Manganese hydroxides in ferromaganesian concretions from Pacific Ocean .
pages 462-473
Rassulov V. A., Rogozhin A. A.,Gorobetz B. S., Gaft M. L.
Characterictics of luminescence spectra excited by ultra violet laser for the minerals of widespread occurence
pages 474-479
Taran M. N., Belitchenko V. P.
On measurement of diffuse reflecting spectra of minerals
pages 480-485
Muratov E, M.
Dielectric mirrows as reflection standards
pages 486-488
Shaulkin V. V.
On decrepitation of fluid inclusions
pages 488-493
History of science
Baratov R. B., Nedzvetsky A. P.
S. F. Mashkovtsev, the discoverer of Karanazar ore deposits (to the 100-th birthanniversary)
pages 494-495
Frank-Kamenetskii V. A.
V. M. Goldshmidt, the founder of geocrystallochemistry (to the 100-th birthanniversary)
pages 495-498
Shafranovsky I. I., Eliseev E. M.
Paul Niggli (1888-1953) to the 100-th birthanniversary
pages 499-500
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Lebedev V. I.
Liltosphere: is it an oxygen or sialsima sphere?
pages 501-504
In memory of academician Chukhrov Fedor Vasil'ievitch
pages 505-506
Nikitln N. V., Shnai G. K.
All-Union petrological simoposium on ore content appraisal of geological formations in largescale geological mapping
pages 507-510
Sokolova T. N.
VMO conference ЂEnergy processes in mineral, rock and ores originї dedicated to 125-th birthanniversary of V. I. Vernadsky
pages 510-511
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