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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1988 Part 117 Issue 6
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Article list
Gordienko V. V., Ponomnreva N. I.
Physico-chemical conditions of origin for Li-bearing micas of lepidolite series
pages 633-638
Gavrikova S. N., Fedtchuk V. Ya., Amosova H. B., Velikhanova T. K., Galanin A. V., Medvedovskaya N. I. Nikolaev M. S., Orlov V. N., Sokolov S. Yu.
Gold mineralization of granitoid complexes as a result of the conditions of their origin (i. g. of Mesozoic complexes of Eastern Cisbaikalia)
pages 639-647
Zanvilevitch A. N., Litvinovsky B. A., Sbadaev M. G.
Metastable melting of granites in the basaltic magma
pages 648-659
Vinogradov L. A.
On formational unity of allarechensky and koposovsky types of ultrabasites
pages 660-667
Rodygina V. G., Grinev O. M.
Nepheline pyroxene pyrrhotite and pyroxen-pyrrotite rocks from Kiya-Shaltyrsky massif (Kuznetsky Allatau)
pages 668-674
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Khiarkiv A. D., Prokoptchuk B. I.
Titanclinohumite, the first finding in kimberlites of African continent
pages 675-680
Egorov K. N., Egorov A. N., Sandomirskaya S. M.
Megacrystals of orthopyroxene from the Udachnaya kimberlite pipe
pages 681-685
Bagdasarov E. A., Illupin I. P.
On a directed change in composition of micro-and macrocrystalline kimberlite ilmenite
pages 686-691
Pavlova Z. N., Zhukov N. M., Levin V. L., Kotelnikov P. E., Tasov B. M., Abulgazina S. D.
Intergrowth of Tsumoite and Bi3S5 of the decay structure type
pages 691-695
Rastsvetaeva R. K.
Crystal structure of disordered modification of betalomonosovite
pages 696-705
Kharkiv A. D., Bogatykh M. M., Vishnevsky A. A.
Mineral composition of kelyphite rims developed over kimberlite garnets
pages 705-713
New minerals
Kydryashova V. I., Rozhdestvenskaya I. V.
New Minerals XLII
pages 714-729
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Popov V. S.
Boninites, their origin and relation to the other types of magmatic rocks
pages 730-746
To the memory of academician V. I. Smirnov
pages 747-748
Contents of the part
Contents of the part 117 (year 1988) of Menoirs of the Ail-Union Mineralogicai Society
pages 749-752
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