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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1989 Part 118 Issue 3
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Article list
Shafranovsky I. I., Shafranovsky G. I.
Comparison of the ideal and real (distorted) cryslallographic forms
pages 1-6
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Boldyreva M. M., Rudashevsky N. S.
Optical properties of hexagonal osmium, iridium and ruthenium solid solutions
pages 7-11
Kalinina T. A., Nenasheva S. I., Ryabeva E. G.
Reflectance and microhardness of synthetic analogues to complexity sulfides of tin and copper
pages 11-21
Nikitin S. A., Anderson E. B., Petrova N. V.
New data on platynite and isotopy of lead in associating selenides
pages 22-27
Sustavov O. A.
Growing processes and solution of the veined black quartz grains from carbonaceous rocks of Verkhne-Kolymskaya folded region
pages 28-34
Malitch K. N.
Guide-features and platinum mineralization of ferrispinellids from Kondersky ultrabasic massif
pages 35-42
Generalov M. E., Moralev G. V.
Kutnohorite from close-to-surface gold-silver deposit
pages 42-47
Kondratieva I. A., Filatov S. K., Rozhdestvenskaya I. V.
Crystal structures of minerals from ambligonite-montebrasite series in relation to their properties and genesis
pages 47-54
Sokolov S. V.
The humite group minerals from carbonatite formations of alkalinc-ultrarmafite massifs
pages 54-64
Petrov S. I., Marochkina M. N.
Chemical and structural guide-features of biotite-phlogopite micas series from metamorphic and metasomatic rocks of Kolmozero-voronya zone
pages 64-72
Dantsig S. Ya., Pivovarov V. V., Polezhaeva I., I., Menshikov Yu. P., Yamnova N. A., Khomyakov A. P.
Highpotassium vishnevite from Synnyrsky alkaline massif (Northern Pribaikalic)
pages 72-75
Prozorovskaya E. V., Smyslova I. G., Onoshko I. S.
Distribution of uranium minerals in ore rolls from the deposits of layer oxidation zone
pages 76-83
New minerals
Shcherbakova E. P., Bazhenova L. F.
Efremovite, (NH4)2Mg2(SO4)3, ammonium analogue of langbeinite, a new mineral
pages 84-87
Filatov S. K., Vergasova L. P.
Discreditation of caratiite and piypite priority
pages 88-90
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Treivus E. B.
Some kinetic aspects of crystal morphology of minerals
pages 91-100
Brodskaya R. L.
Once again on kinetic criteria of mineral individuals morphogenesis and evolution of the mineral aggregates structures (An answer to F. B. Treivus)
pages 100-105
Grigoriev D. P.
In European Mineralogical Association
pages 106-107
Sedletsky V. I., Semenov G. A.
IV Session of Northern Caucasus department of the Mineralogical Society of the USSR
pages 107-109
Shabalin B. G.
On the United Session of the Ukrainian mineralogical, geographical and paleontological societies devoted to the 125-birthanniversary of V.I. Vernadsky
pages 109-110
Zuzuk F. V., Shabalin B. G.
Session of the Ukrainian mineralogical society on the problems of biomineralogy
pages 110-113
Grigoriev D. P.
The European Mineralogical journal, first issue
pages 114-115
Khutt G. I.
The second International symposium on ESP-dosymetry and applications
pages 115-116
Boguslav Cambel (to the 70-th birthanniversary the honorary member of the VMO)
pages 117-118

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