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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
ISSN 0869-6055                     zrmo.minsoc.ru
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Year 1991 Part 120 Issue 3
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Article list
Rudenko S. A., Eshkin V. Yu., Karyakin I. A.
Facies of minerals
pages 1-13
Sergunenkov B. B.
On the possibility to use the accessory zircon for granitoid correlation
pages 14-30
Smetannikova O. G., Andreev S. I., Anikeeva L. I., Frank-Kamenetsky V. A., Sutchkov I. A.
Mineral and chemical composition of the ocean iron-manganese formations related to their genesis
pages 31-42
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Bogush I. A., Kaftanaty A. B., Chernenko M. Yu.
Crystal morphological analysis of pyrite from the ores of Komsomolskoe copper-pyrite deposit
pages 43-49
Gubanov A. M., Chvileva T. N., Shirai O. E., Shirai G. A., Georgievskaya O. M.
Roquesite (Middle Asia), a new data
pages 49-55
Khomenko V. M., Taran M. N., Garanin V. K.
Crystal chemistry and thermal stability of coordination complexes of transition metal ions in rhodonite structure
pages 55-61
Ivanyuk G. Yu., Evdokimov M. D.
Pyroxenes from charoite deposit Syrenevy Kamen and some features of their genesis
pages 62-74
Yashunsky Yu. V.
On inclusions of crystalline goethite in micas
pages 74-80
Panov E. N., Knizel A. A.
On intergrowth of magnetite and biotite from granitoids
pages 80-84
New minerals
Polekhovsky Yu. S., Voloshin A. V., Tarasova I. P., Nikitin S. A., Pakhomovsky Ya. A., Menshikov Yu. P., Kretser Yu. L., Kolytcheva T. I.
Pedmaite PdBiSe, a new palladium and bismuth selenide from metasomatites of South Karelia
pages 85-88
Konev A. A., Vorobiev E. I., Piskunova L. F., Uschapovskaya Z. F., Tikhonova G. A.
Olekminskite (Sr,Ca,Ba)CO3, a new mineral and a new isomorphous series olekminskite-paralstonite
pages 89-96
Sapozhnikov A. N., Ivinov V. G., Piskunova L. F., Kashaev A. A., Terentieva L. E., Pobedimskaya E. A.
Bystrite, Ca(Na,K)7(Si6Al6O24)(S3)1.5·H2O, a new cancrinite-like mineral
pages 97-100
Investigation techiques for minerals, rocks and ores
Kitaenko A. E.
On size distribution of pyrite crystals from Pervomaiskoe deposit (Northern Caucasus)
pages 101-106
Zilbershtein A. H., Bagdasarov E. A., Mishenko K. S., Semina E. Yu.
The influence of prefiminary load affected the minerals on their density
pages 106-111
Muratov E. M.
Intensity ratios of mineral reflections in the air and the immersion medium
pages 112-116
Kulikova G. V., Lipatova E. A., Rozinova E. L., Sosedko T. A., Furmakova L. N.
Pesults and methodical aspects of diagnostics the francolites from fossiles and coprolites.
pages 116-133
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Korago A. A.
Bioniineralogy: distinct features of objects under investigation, their classification, modes of origin
pages 134-147
Rudenko S. A., Polevskykh R. I., Zinkov A. V.
The Third All-Union School on experience in teaching mineralogical disciplines at the high school
pages 148-149
Prezidium VMO
To the 70 th birth anniversary of R. B. Baratov, Honorary Member of the All-Union Minera-logical Society
pages 149-150

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