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Year 1991 Part 120 Issue 6
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Article list
Yegorov K. N., Bogdanov G. V., Lashkevitch V. V., Medvedeva T. I., Tikhonova G. A.
Stadiality and physical-chemical conditions of serpentinization in kimberlite
pages 1-12
Landa E. A.
On the contacts of ore-bearing pyroxenite with dunite in the Ghuli massif (Northern Siberia) and about the genesis of ore-bearing pyroxenite
pages 13-22
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Chaschin V. V.
Typical features of chemical composition of the rock-forming minerals from the clinopyroxenite-verlite intrusions of the Montchegorsky area
pages 23-39
Burakov B. E., Britvin S. N., Mikheeva E. E., Iljinsky G. A., Anderson E. B., Pazukhln E. M., Nickolaeva L. D., Tzirlin V. A., Bogdanova A. N.
Investigation of technogeneous zircon from Chernobyl «lavas»
pages 39-44
Krasnova N. I., Nesterov A. R., Kretser Yu. L.
On the composition of intergrowths from some magnetites
pages 44-56
Radenko N. L, Kotelnikov P. E., Shabanova T. A.
Some typomorphic features of scheelite from the Upper-Kairaktian deposit
pages 56-66
Vuiko V. I., Gorev N. I.
On the genesis of picroilmenites from the Upper-Paleozoic halos of kimberlite minerals dispertion in the Western Yakutia
pages 67-74
Epshtein E. M., Danilchenko N. A., Necheljustov G. N.
Hypogenic bariopyrochlore from the carbonatites and carbonatitoides
pages 74-79
New minerals
Khomjakov A. P., Semenov E. I., Pobedimskaya E. A., Nadezhdina T. N., Rastsvetaeva R. K.
Cancrisilite-Na7[Al5Si7O24]CO3·3H2O-a new mineral of the cancrinite group
pages 80-84
Experimental mineralogy
Kotow N. V., Maslenlkov A. V., Rizvanova N. G., Porltskaya L. G., Levchenkov O. A., Svjatets A. V., Gembitsky V. V.
Behaviour of zircon in various hydrothermal medium under the pressure
pages 85-94
Goilo E. A., Nauruzbayev K. A., Kotov N. V., Frank-Kamenetsky V. A., Nickolaeva I. V.
Ordering of octahedral cations in the natural and hydrothermally treated glauconites according to X-ray analysis data
pages 94-100
History of science
Shafranovsky I. I. N. I.
Koksharov, A. V. Gadolin (to the 100th deathanniversaries)
pages 101-103
To the memory of E. A. Ankinovitch (1912-1991)
pages 104
Sokolova T. N.
Report on the activity of the Mineralogical Society of the USSR for the year 1990
pages 105-111
Dudkin O. B.
Depart session of the Mineralogical Society of the USSR
pages 112-113
Yushkin N. V.
Second All-Union Conference «The Theory of Mineralogy»
pages 113-115
Contents of the part
Contents of the part 120(year 1991) of Memoirs of the Ail-Union Mineralogical Society
pages 116-119
pages 119

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