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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
ISSN 0869-6055                     zrmo.minsoc.ru
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Year 1992 Part 121 Issue 4
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Article list
Gontcharov G. N.
Chemical state of iron atoms within minerals under high pressure in differentiation process
pages 1-14
Ovchinnikov N. 0., Nikitina L. P., Khiltova E. Yu.
The real structure and thermodynamic properties of olivine solide solutions Fe1-xNix)2SiO4
pages 15-28
Granovskaya N. V.
Mineralogy and thermobarogeochemistry of gold ore from the South-East Donbass
pages 29-42
Bljuman B. A.
Mineralogy and geochemistry of the granodiorite-adamellite series (Tuva, Sanghilen)
pages 43-52
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Litvinenko A. K.
Apoamphibolitic corundum metasomatites of the South-West Pamirs
pages 53-60
Ankinovitch E. A., Bakhtin A. I., Bekenova G. K., Kompaneytzev V. P., Lopatin O. N., Kotelnikov P. E.
New V4+-Ba variety of phengite
pages 61-69
Brodin B. V., Kazantzev V. V., Sidorenko G. A., Chistjakova N. N.
Pangenesis of lithiophorite and other Mn4+ oxides in the weathering zone of rare-metal deposits
pages 69-77
Yudina I. A.
Empirical model of zircon geothermometre for granitization process analysis
pages 78-83
Shebanov A. D.
Typomorphic peculiarities of accessory zircon from granit-rapakivi of Gubanov intrusion (Vyborg region)
pages 83-88
Nickel E. H.
Solid solutions in mineral nomenclature
pages 89-92
New minerals
Kudrjashova V. I., Rozhdestvenskaya I. V.
New Minerals. XLVI.
pages 93-107
Pautov L. A., Belakovsky D. I., Scala R., Sokolova E. V., Ignatenko K. I., Mokhov A. V.
Vistepite Mn5SnB2Si5O20-a new borosilicate of manganese and. tin
pages 107-112
Nenasheva S. N., Efimov A. V., Sivtzov A. V., Mozgova N. N.
Borodaevite [Ag5(Fe,Pb)1Bi7]13(Sb,Bi)2S17-a new mineral
pages 113-120
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Varlakov A. S.
An answer to the review of B. B. Zvjagln, A. P. Zhukhlistov. On the structural status of sixlayer serpentine of the Unst's type
pages 121-122
Yusupov T. S.
Inter-republicain Conference Defects in minerals and their meaning for directed change of tecnological properties
pages 123-124
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