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Year 1992 Part 121 Issue 5
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Article list
Ivanov O. P., Efremenko L. Ya., Voronov A. I., Zorin Yu. M., Kuzovenko A. I., Khar'kevitch K. A., Kanoatov S. I.
Mineralogical and technological peculiarities of the new commercial types of tin ore
pages 1-10
Motov A. P.
Formation age of the Syrymbeta tin deposit (Northern Kazakhstan)
pages 11-15
Djachkov B. A., Gavrilenko O. D., Majorova N. P., Bochkova O. I.
Miarolic mineralization of granites as an indicator for tin rare-metal ore occurrence
pages 16-26
Sokolova N. T., Grinenko V. A., Ustinov V. I., Devirtz A. L., Kononkova N. N., Shcherbovsky E. Ya.
Nature and forms of the ore-forming substance within Cambrian metamorphic rocks of the western Ore Mountains (Germany)
pages 27-37
Kotov N. V., Tsao Qiulin, Poritskaya L. G., Ghembitsky V. V.
A Structure of the Koshrabad massif, petrographical features of rocks and origin of the gold ore-forming system (Western Uzbekistan)
pages 38-45
Abzalov M. Z.
Geochemical anomalies of elements-indicators in productive pile of the Petchenga formation and their implication to the ore prospecting
pages 46-50
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Balmasova E. A., Lazarenkov V. G., Malich K. N.
Chemical composition and genesis of chromspinelides from the Gulinsky massif ultramafites (Maimecha-Kotuy province)
pages 51-58
Basalaev A. A., Kalinin A. A., Negrutza V. Z.
First finding of scheelite and nisbite within ore of the Vikhanty deposit, Finland
pages 59-62
Proshenkina V. D., Orlov A. V.
On chemical composition of the scheelite-povellite series minerals in the Northern Katpar deposit (Central Kazakhstan)
pages 63-66
Kudrina M. A., Kudrin V. S., Solovjov S. G.
Typomorphism of garnets from the scheelite skarn deposit Kensu (Eastern Kirghizia)
pages 66-72
Saveljeva V. B., Medvedeva T. I., Nartova N. V., Rusakova V. A.
Vesuvianites of the Ozersky gabbroide massif (Western Baikal region)
pages 72-81
Lazebnik K. A., Zayakina N. V.
Unusual layer silicate from carbonate rock of the charoite deposit «Lilac Stone»
pages 81-87
Kozyr'kov V. 0., Borodin B. V., Sidorenko G. A., Sivtsov A. V., Khadjy I. P.
Radiogeneous pseudomorphoses developed upon earlier uranium and zirconium silicates
pages 87-94
New minerals
Sandomirskaya S. M., Arifulov Ch. Kh., Botova M. M., Mozgova N. N., Nenasheva S. N., Tsepin A. I., Sivtsov A. V.
Tsnigriite Ag9SbTe3(S,Se)3-a new mineral
pages 95-101
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Dubrovsky M. I.
About the Ye. V. Sharkov paragenetic analysis of the rocks in the layered intrusions
pages 102-112
pages 112

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