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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1994 Part 123 Issue 5
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Article list
Khetchikov L. N., Ratkin V. V, Pakhomova V. A
Fluid inclusions in minerals: real or false evidence for the mineral-forming fluid composition
pages 1-8
Buzkova N. G, Yakushkina L. M.
Mineral zonality of alaskite granites as a sign of the massif potential for rare-metal mineralization
pages 9-15
Shebanov A. D.
Abyssal and hypabyssal associations of the dark-colored hydroxyl-bearing minerals in rapakivi granites
pages 16-32
Povarennykh M. Yu.
About polygene origine of tantal-bearing ore minerals in amazonite-ablitic rare-metal granites
pages 33-46
Godovikov A. A.
Linkage between peculiarities of electron structure, standard electrode potentials of elements and possibility of their existence in native state
pages 47-50
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Zakharova E. M.
Native gold of the gold-quartz poor sulphide formation deposits (in example of deposits of southern Siberia)
pages 51-58
Anashkin V. N., Kalinina T. A., Matukhin V. L., Pen'kov I. N., Safin I. A.
NQR spectra of 63,65 Cu in coexisting covelline (CuS) and geerite (Cu1.6S)
pages 59-63
Vinogradova R. A., Uljanov A. A., Korotaeva N. N., Obraztsov V. V., Azizi R., Maasha L.
Selenium-bearing sulpharsenides of the cobaltite-gersdorffite series from deposits of Bu-Azzer district (Maroc)
pages 64-68
Andreev G. V., Ripp G. S., Dambueva E. A.
The Finding of Ce-fergusonite in alkalinepegmatites of Western Mongolia
pages 68-72
Pautov L A.
Mannardite from the Middle Asia.
pages 72-76
Shcheglova T. P., Maslov A. T.
Evolution in composition of garnets and amphiboles within rocks of Keyvy block (Kola peninsula)
pages 76-88
Shnay G. K.
Amphiboles of alkaline and closely related rocks of Southern Verkhoyanye
pages 88-97
Investigation techiques for minerals, rocks and ores
Voitekhovsky Yu. L.
On the parametric description of intergrain boundary topology in rocks
pages 98-104
Alekseev V. I., Vashchenok, A. V.
Semiquantitative evaluation of the rock deformation temperature according to microstructural data
pages 105-111
History of science
Bulakh A. C, Krivovichev V. G., Orlova M. P.
The way to diamonds
pages 112-115
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Grigoriev D. P.
From experience of mineralogy teaching (YII)
pages 116-118
Tkachov Yu. A.
Formal paragenesis
pages 118-125
Illarion Illarionovich Shafranovsky (Mars 24, 1907-July 1, 1994)
pages 126-127

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