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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 2006 Part 135 Issue 3
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Article list
Dunaev A. Yu., Zaikov V. V.
Chromospinellides in ultramafites, ores and overlapping sediments of the Ishkininskoye cobalt-bearing massive sulfide ore deposit (the South Urals)
pages 1-14
Dubrovsky M. I.
Petrogenesis of igneous potassium rocks
pages 15-37
New minerals
Chukanov N. V., Murashko M. N., Zadov A. E., Bushmakin A. F.
Avdoninite K2Cu5Cl8(OH)4·2, a new mineral from volcanic exhalations and from the zone of technogenesis at massive sulfide ore deposits
pages 38-41
Pekov I. V., Chukanov N. V., Dubinchuk V. ., Zadov A. E.
Middendorfite K3Na2Mn5Si12(O,)36·22, a new mineral from Khibiny massif, Kola Peninsula
pages 42-51
Pekov I. V., Chukanov N. V., Kulikova I. M., Belakovsky D. I.
Phosphoinnelite Ba4Na3Ti3Si4O14(PO4,SO4)2(O,F)3, a new mineral from agpaitic pegmatites of Kovdor massif, Kola Peninsula
pages 52-60
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Smetannikov A. F., Shanina S. N.
Precious metals in salts of Verkhnekamskoye deposit
pages 61-64
Glukhov Yu. V., Filippov V. N., Isaenko S. I., Makeev B. A., Terent'ev A. V., Bushenev V. N., Patova V.A.
Glaciogenic deformations of gold from psephites of Sysolskaya syncline
pages 65-76
Sapozhnikov A. N., Chukanov N. V., Suvorova L. F., Feoktistova L. P., Bogdanova L. A.
Davyne from Tultuy lazurite deposit, Baikal region
pages 77-83
Kuzennaya E. V., Ponomareva N. I.
Occurrence of cobalt mineralization in skarns of Dalnegorskoye boron-silicate deposit (Primorye, Far East)
pages 84-87
Borovikova Ye. Yu., Kurazhkovskaya V. S.
Influence of fluorine upon formation of ordered and/or disordered modifications of vesuvianite: IR spectroscopy stady
pages 89-95
Mineralogical crystallography
Krivovichev S. V.
Crystal chemistry of selenates with mineral-like structures. II. Crystal structure of [Al(H2O)6](SeO4)(NO3)(H2O) and its affinity to structure of alunogen
pages 96-100
Platonova N. V., Kotelnikova E. N., Filatov S. K.
Polymorphism of the long-chain even-number n-paraffins
pages 101-122
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Dolivo-Dobrovolsky V. V.
About a common mistake in treating the crystal structure of apatite
pages 123-125
Krzhizhanovskaya M. G., Solotchina E. P., Urusov V. S., Filatov S. K.
Chronicles of the Altai outdoor session of the Commission on crystal-chemistry and X-ray diffraction of minerals of the Russian Mineralogical Society "Advanced crystal-chemistry and X-ray diffraction of minerals"
pages 126-127
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