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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 2009 Part 138 Issue 4
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Article list
Dech V. N., Zinchenko Vl. N., Glebovitsky V. A.
Evaluation of degree of nonequilibrity for diamondgenerating kimberlite systems
pages 1-10
Petrovsky M. N., Petrovskaya L. S.
Petrology of the highly ferriferous quartz monzonite-monzogranodiorites of Ostrovnoy massif, Kola Peninsula
pages 11-31
New minerals
Chukanov N. V., Mukhanova A. A., M?ckel Sh., Belakovskiy D. I., Levitskaya L. A.
Nickeltalmessite, Ca2Ni(AsO4) 2·2H2O -a new fairfieldite-group mineral from Bou Azzer, Morocco
pages 32-39
Bulakh A. G.
End members, dominant valence, and identification of minerals with mixed composition
pages 39-44
Dolivo-Dobrovolsky V. V.
Dominant valence, minals (end members) and reciprocal systems
pages 44-52
Organic mineralogy and biomineralogy
Rosseeva E. V., Simon P., Schwarz U., Buder J., Frank-Kamenetskaya O. V., Kniep R.
Apatite-gelatine-nanocomposites—analogues of biological hard tissues. I. Synthesis and characterization of composites. Isomorphic substitutions in the carbonate-bearing apatite-(CaF) crystal structure
pages 53-71
Izatulina A. R., Shtukenberg A. G., Punin Yu. O.
Statistical characteristics of the oscillatory zoning in oxalate renal stones
pages 71-81
Investigation techiques for minerals, rocks and ores
Kompaneytsev V. P.
Diagrams to measure in conoscope the angle between optical axes in oblique symmetrical cross-sections
pages 82-96
Fedorov V. L. , Simakov A. P., Smirnov A. V., Fedorov B. A., Ivanov M. A.
Possibilities to investigate surfaces of mineral particles in the mechanical disintegration powder by methods of the small-angular X-ray diffusion dispersion
pages 96-103
Zelensky M. E., Matseevsky A. B., Pekov I. V.
The computer program QSpectr for processing X-ray powder diffraction films obtained from the Debye-Scherrer camera
pages 103-112
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Bulakh A. G.
The new monograph on charoite
pages 113-114
Yurgenson G. A.
The II All-Russian symposium «Mineralogy and geochemistry of landscape in mining districts» and 8th All-Russian Readings in the Academician A. E. Fersman’s memory «Contemporary mineral-forming»
pages 115-117
Zagorsky V. E.
Pegmatites of New England as a training area to advance geologistsR professional qualification in the U. S. A.
pages 118-120

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