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Year 2011 Part 140 Issue 3
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Article list
Petrovsky M. N., Savchenko E. A., Kalachev V. Yu.
Problem of formation of eudialyte-bearing phonolites of Kontozero carbonatite paleo-volcano (Kola Peninsula)
pages 1-24
Rastsvetaeva R. K., Chukanov N. V.
Principles of crystal-chemical classification of the eudialyte-group minerals
pages 25-39
Zaitsev A. N., Williams Ch. T., Wall F., Zolotarev A. A.
Evolution of chemical composition of the pyrochlore group minerals in phoscorites and carbonatites of Khibiny alkaline massif
pages 40-55
Grebennikov A. V.
Endogene spherules of Cretaceous-Paleogene ignimbrite complexes of Yakutinskaya volcano-tectonic structure (Primorye)
pages 56-68
Landa E. A., Markovsky B. A.
To the problem of extrusive carbonatites in the East Kamchatka
pages 69-77
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Korinevsky V. G.
Zn,Cu-bearing pyrrhotite from kluchevites of the South Urals
pages 78-82
Tchaikovsky I. I.
Kalistrontite and gorgeyite of the Verkhnekamskoye salt deposit
pages 83-87
Alekseev V. I., Marin Yu. B., Skublov S. G., Gembitskaya I. M.
First data on composition of zircon from lithium-fluoric granites of the Severny pluton, Chukotka
pages 87-93
Rozhdestvenskaya I. V., Vereshchagin O. S., Frank-Kamenetskaya O. V., Zolotarev A. A., Pekov I. V.
About crystal-chemical formula of chromdravite-mineral species from the tourmaline group
pages 93-99
Rundkvist T. V., Mokrushin A. V., Bazai A. V., Miroshnikova Ya. A., Pripachkin P. V.
Axenolith of chromite-bearing dunite from Sopcha massif (Monchegorsk complex, Kola Peninsula)
pages 99-108
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Filippov M. M.
Problems of current interest in studying anthraxolites
pages 109-120
Skublov G. T., Marin Yu. B., Skublov S. G., Logunova L. N., Nechaeva E. S., Savichev A. A.
Mineralogical-geochemical features of primary rocks, loose sediments and catastrophic mosses in the Northern Swamp area (region of the Tunguska catastrophe in 1908)
pages 120-138
Gordienko V. V.
Two codes and two databases of chemical compositions of minerals-which one is better?
pages 139-140

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