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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 2012 Part 141 Issue 3
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Article list
Morozova I. M., Baltybayev Sh. K, Levsky L. K., Savatenkov V. M.
Isotopic systems of metamorphic minerals
pages 1-15
Votyakov S. L., Hiller V. V., Shchapova Yu. V., Erokhin Yu. V.
Peculiarities of composition and the chemical microprobe dating of U-Th-bearing minerals. Part 2. Uraninite, thorite, thorianite, coffinite and monazite from geological objects of the Urals and Siberia
pages 16-28
New minerals
Chukanov N. V., Zubkova N.V., Pekov I. V., Belakovskiy D. I., Schuller W., Ternes ., Blass G., Pushcharovsky D. Yu.
Hillesheimite, (K,Ca,□)2(Mg,Fe,Ca,□)2[(Si,Al)13O23(OH)6](OH)·8H2O, a new phyllosilicate mineral of the gunterblassite group
pages 29-38
Pekov I. V., Chukanov N. V., Filinchuk Ya. E., Zadov A. E., Kononkova N. N., Epanchintsev S. G., Kaden P., Kutzer A., Gottlicher J.
Kasatkinite, Ba2Ca8B5Si8O32(OH)3·62O, a new mineral from Bazhenovskoye deposit (the Middle Urals, Russia)
pages 39-49
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Damdinov B. ., Roshchektaev P. A., Zhmodik S. M., Kanakin S. V., Damdinova L. B.
The Au-Ag-Hg system of intermetallic compounds in the Konevinskoye gold ore deposit (the East Sayan)
pages 50-60
Anisimova G. S., Zayakina N V., Kondratyeva L. A., Leskova N V.
Copper-bearing argyrodite in Shirokinsky ore cluster (East Yakutia)
pages 60-68
Baksheev I. A., Erokhin Yu. V., Vigasina M. F., Bryzgalov I. A.
Tourmaline from rocks of propylite formation (Shabrovskoye deposit, the Middle Urals)
pages 68-83
Brusnitsyn A. I., Kalugin P. S.
Kellyite in manganese-bearing rocks of Parnokskoye deposit (the Polar Urals)
pages 83-90
Pekov I. V., Lykova I. S., Chukanov N V., Kabalov Yu. K., Zyryanova L. A.
Alunite-supergroup minerals from oxidation zone of base metal deposits of the Rubtsovsky ore district (the Northwest Altai, Russia)
pages 90-107
Savko A., Bazikov N. S., Korish E. Kh., Azarova Yu. V.
Accessory rare earths-bearing minerals in Palaeoproterozoic schists of Voronezh crystalline massif
pages 107-128
Investigation techiques for minerals, rocks and ores
Chukanov N. V., Pekov I. V.
Infrared spectroscopy of acid salts. I. Minerals of the class of silicates
pages 129-143
Lebedeva S. M., Eremyashev V. E.
Infrared Fourier micro-spectroscopy of oceanic basalt glasses
pages 143-150
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