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Year 2017 Part 146 Issue 4
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Article list
Savetyeva V. B., Bazarova E P., Khromova E. A., Kanakin S. V.
Rare-earth minerals in rocks of the Kattiginskoe rare-metal deposit (East Transbaikalia): behavior of lanthanides and Y during crystallization of the saturated-in-fluorine agpaitic melt
pages 1-21
Glebovitsky V. A., Sedova I. S.
Behavior of trace elements in rock-forming minerals during partial melting of granites in the migmatization process occurred in the Aidan Shield
pages 22-43
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Lykova I. S., Varlamov D. A., Chukanov N. V., Pautov L. A., Ksenofontov D. A.
Phosphates of the Chalotskoe pegmatite deposit (Transbaikalia)
pages 44-53
Gusev A. I.
Composition of zircon in the Elinovskii massif (Gorny Altai)
pages 54-64
Varlamov D. A., Ermolaeva V. M., Jan?ev S., Chukanov N. V.
Oxides of the pyrochlore-supergroup from a non-sulfide endogeneous association of Pb-Zn-Sb-As minerals in the Pelagonian massif, Macedonia
pages 65-77
Osipov A. S., Antonov A. A., Panikorovskii T. L., Zolotarev A. A. jr.
Hydrated CO3-bearing analog of manganoeudialyte from alkaline pegmatites of the Konder massif, Khabarovsk Kray
pages 78-93
Mineralogical crystallography
Demina T. V., Belozerova O. Yu., Bogdanova L. A.
Crystal-chemical aspect of the sequential change of phases in a part of system BeO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2 rich in magnesium
pages 94-110
Zhitova E. S., Popov M. P., Zolotarev A. A. jr.
Analcime of the Mariinskoe deposit (Urals emerald mines, the Middle Urals): chemical composition and crystal structure
pages 111-120

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