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Year 2017 Part 146 Issue 5
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Article list
Ratkin V. V., Eliseeva O. A., Pandian M. S., Orekhov A. A., Mohapatra M., Vishnu Priya S. K.
Stages and formation conditions of productive mineral associations of the Dalnegorskoe borosilicate deposit (the Sikhote-Alin, Russia)
pages 1-19
Ponomareva N. l., Kruzhalin S. V.
Physical-chemical conditions of the beryl generation in greisens of Orlovskoe deposit (East Transbaikalia)
pages 20-30
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Litvinenko I. S.
lntermetallides of gold from placer of the Baimka River (West Chukotka)
pages 31-43
Kompanchenko A. A., Voloshin A. V., Bazai A. V., Polekhovsky Yu. S.
Evolution of chromium-vanadium mineralization in massive sulfide ores at the Bragino occurrence of South Pcehenga structural zone (Kola Region) by example of spinel group minerals
pages 44-58
Kovalev S. G., Kovalev S. S., Visotsky S. I.
Th-REE mineralization in Precambrian rocks of the Bashkirian meganticlinorium: diversity and genesis
pages 59-79
Cherednichenko S. V.
Uranium-thorium-rare earth minerals in pegmatites of the Selyankinsky syenite massif (the South Urals)
pages 80-90
Sustavov S. G., Khanin D. A., Shagalov E. S.
Chromceladonite of the South-Saranovskoye chromium deposit (the Urals)
pages 91-104
Mineralogical crystallography
Yakubovich O. V., Zayakina N. V., Oleinikov O. B., Kostin A. V.
Esseneite from xenoliths in dacite lavas. Crystal structure and genesis
pages 105-114
Sonin V. M., Zhimulev E. I., Pomazansky B. S., Zemnukhov A. L., Afanasiev V. P., Chepurov A. I.
Photohoniometry of diamond crystals dissolved in heterogeneous media under 4 GPa pressure at 1400
pages 115-124
The rules for the paper arrangement
pages 125-127

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