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Year 2018 Part 147 Issue 1
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Article list
Petrov D.A.
200th Anniversary meeting of the Russian Mineralogical Society
pages 3-23
Perevoznikova E. V., Kazachenko V. T., Lavrik S. N.
Magmatic rocks, fluidolites and rodingites in Paleocene explosive structures of the Tukha terrane (the Sikhote-Alin)
pages 24-43
Petrovskiy M. N., Petrovskaya L. S.
Neoarchaean alkaline rocks of the Central-Kola block the Chagveuaive massif: geology and age
pages 44-54
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Vasiliev E. A., Klepikov I. V., Lukyanova L. I.
Comparison of diamonds from the Rassolninskaya depression and recent alluvium placers of the Krasnovishersky district (Ural Region)
pages 55-67
Plasil J., Kasatkin A. V., Skoda R., Stepanov S. Yu.
Parapierrotite from the Vorontsovskoe gold deposit, Northem Urals, Russia: crystal structure and chemical composition
pages 68-77
Sandimirova E. I., Sidorov E. G., Chubarov V. M.
Arsenides of nickel and cobalt in mafic-ultramafic massifs of Kamchatka
pages 78-84
Alekseev V. I., Sukhanova K. G., Marin Yu. B.
Niobium minerals indicators of genetic link between tin-ore zwitters and lithium-fluoric gratinites in Verkhneurmiysky massif (the Amur River Region)
pages 85-99
Yurichev A. N., Rozenbush A. A., Kulkov A. S.
Uvarovite from chromitites of the Agardag ultramafic massif (Tyva Republic): chemistry and genesis
pages 100-111
Mineralogical crystallography
Chukanov N. V., Panikorovskii T. L., Chervonnyi A. D.
About relationship between crystal-chemical characteristics of vesuvianite-group minerals with their IR spectra
pages 112-124

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