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Year 2018 Part 147 Issue 2
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Article list
Naumov G. В., Vishnevskaya N. A.
Collisions at the birth of geochemistry
pages 1-24
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Bardukhinov L. D., Spetsius Z. V., Kislov E. V., Ivanov A. S., Monkhorov R. V.
Parageneses of garnet inclusions in diamonds from kimberlites of Yakutia after data of Raman and IR spectroscopy
pages 25-35
Nikulova N. Yu., Burtsev I. N., Filippov V. N., Myandin A. S.
Ore and ore-silicate microspheres in South Timan Riphean sandstones
pages 35-44
Sidorov E. G., Sandimirova E. I., Chubarov V. М., Ananiev V. V.
Accessory minerals of the mafic-ultramafic massif Galmoenan (Koryakskoye upland, Kamchatka)
pages 44-64
Alekseev V. I., Marin Yu. B.
Variations in the composition of pyrochlore group minerals in ongonites and zwitters of the Verkhneurmiysky massif (Russian Far East)
pages 65-79
Lyalina L. М., Kadyrova G. I., Selivanova E. A., Zolotarev A. A. jr., Savchenko Ye. E., Panikorovskii T. L.
About the composition of meliphanite from nepheline syenite pegmatite of the Sakharjok massif (Kola Peninsula)
pages 79-91
Mineralogical crystallography
Chukanov N. V., Vigasina M. F., Chervonyi A. D., Pekov I. V.
Vibrational spectroscopy and crystal chemical diversity of the natural clathrate — melanophlogite
pages 92-100
Прикладная минералогия
Rudashevsky N. S., Rudashevsky V. N.
Mineral processing of poor sulfide Au-Ag ores of the volcanogenic formation (Veladero deposit, Argentina)
pages 101-120
To the memory of Viktor Andreevich Glebovitsky
pages 121-122

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