Russian Mineralogical Society
Galankina, Olga Leonidovna
Full Member of RMS
Gender:  female
Title:  Dr.
Country of residence: Russia
City, Province:  Saint Petersburg
Country (working): Russia
City, Province (working):  Saint Petersburg
Affiliation (Organization):  Institute of Precambrian Geology and Geochronology RAS
Position: leading engineer
Type of membership:  full member
Year of Joining: 2010
Branch: Saint Petersburg
Scientific degree 
Candidate Degree (Geology and Mineralogy)
Academic Status (rus):  none
Main Scientific Specialization: mineralogy, geochemistry
Author: Galankina O.L.
200th Anniversary Meeting of the Russian Mineralogical Society
Accessory minerals in granitiods of Putsaari island (Nord Ladoga region) and its petrogenetic role (RMS DPI 2017-1-179-0)
Abnormally high-hafnium zircon from the rare-metal pegmatites from the Vasin-Mylk deposit (Kola region) (RMS DPI 2017-1-255-0)
Chlorine-free Na-Ca scapolite (sodium-meionite) from Northern Karelia, Fennoscandia: one of the missing components in scapolite solid solution (RMS DPI 2017-1-232-0)
Mineralogical investigations of radon anomalies in the Leningrad region: accessory minerals of the granites from Viborg massif (RMS DPI 2017-1-302-0)
Coalescences of minerals of platinum and clinopyroxenite from alkaline-ultramafic massif Kondyor of the Aldan shield (RMS DPI 2017-1-173-0)
Unique find of zircon to baddeleyite transformation (Ichetyu occurrence, Middle Timan) (RMS DPI 2017-1-186-0)
XII General Meeting of the Russian Mineralogical Society
Mineral and pseudosection thermobarometry as a basis for the study of the PT evolution of metamorphic rocks (RMS DPI 2015-1-65-0)
Ontogeny of crystalline individuals of the platinum group minerals of the Kondyor massif, Aldan shield (RMS DPI 2015-1-39-0)
RMS Annual Session combined with the Fedorov Session 2014
Petrogenesis and metallogeny of rare metal rapakivi granites in terms of research result anatomy of the trace minerals in granite massif Vyborg (RMS DPI 2014-1-4-0)
RMS Annual Session combined with the Fedorov Session 2012
Rare earth elements minerals and zircon composition in alcaline pegmatites from Zomba, Malawi (RMS DPI 2012-1-6-0)
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