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Plotinskaya, Olga Yurievna
Full Member of RMS
Gender:  female
Title:  Dr.
Personal Web:
Country of residence: Russia
City, Province:  Moscow
Type of Mailing Address:  working
Postal/Zip code: 119017
Mailing Address: Institute of Ore Geology, Petrography, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry (IGEM) RAS,
35, Staromonetnyi per.,
119017, Moscow,
Type of telephone:  working
Telephone number: +7 (499) 230-84-44
Country (working): Russia
City, Province (working):  Moscow
Affiliation (Organization):  Institute of Ore Geology, Petrography, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry (IGEM) RAS
Department:  Laboratory of Ore Deposits
Position: senior researcher
Type of membership:  full member
Year of Joining: 2004
Branch: Moscow
Member of the Scientific 
Members of Commissions: Fluid and Melt Inclusions in Minerals
Ore Mineralogy
RMS Officer: Scientific Secretary of the Moscow branch; Scientific Secretary of the Commission on Ore Mineralogy
Scientific degree 
Candidate Degree (Geology and Mineralogy)
Academic Status (rus):  none
Main Scientific Specialization: ore deposits
Scientific Interests: epithermal, porphyry, and orogenic deposits, mineralogy, fluid inclusions, stable and radiogenic isotopes, thermodynamic modelling
Author: Plotinskaya O.Yu.
XII General Meeting of the Russian Mineralogical Society
Precious metals mineralogy in Cu-porphyry deposits of the South Urals (RMS DPI 2015-1-40-0)
RMS Annual Session combined with the Fedorov Session 2014
Sr-Pb isotopic characteristics of gold mineralization of Urayh ore field (Irkutsk Region) (RMS DPI 2014-1-60-0)
Fahlores from the Birgilda-Tomino Au-Ag-Mo-Cu-Zn ore cluster: chemical evolution and zoning (RMS DPI 2014-1-42-0)
RMS Annual Session combined with the Fedorov Session 2012
Tourmaline of porphyry-epithermal systems (RMS DPI 2012-1-79-0)
XI RMS General Meeting “Modern mineralogy: from theory to practice” combined with the Fedorov Session 2010
Mineral assemblages of porphyry-epithermal systems of the Southern Urals as indicators of ore formation conditions evolution (RMS DPI 2010-1-88-0)
Gold dendrites formation conditions on the Ametistovoe epithermal gold-silver deposit (Kamchatka) (RMS DPI 2010-1-64-0)
RMS Annual Session "Ontogeny of minerals applied to scientific and industrial uses (to the 100 year anniversary of Prof. Dmitry Grigoriev)"
Altaite formation conditions at the Cavnic Pb-Zn Deposit, Baia Mare region, Romania (RMS DPI 2009-1-86-1)
Fedorov Session 2008
Gold-telluride assemblages of the Nistru ore field, Romania (RMS DPI 2008-2-94-1)
Первая находка природной латуни на Березняковском эпитермальном золоторудном месторождении (Южный Урал) (RMS DPI 2008-2-75-0)
XIII All-Russian conference on thermobarogeochemistry in conjunction with IV APIFIS symposium
Formation conditions of epithermal ores of the Bereznyakovskoe Au-Ag-Te-Se deposit (South Urals) (RMS DPI 2008-1-97-0)
Chemical composition of ore fluids depositing high-temperature quartz in the Kroushev Dol Pb-Zn deposit, Madan district, Bulgaria (RMS DPI 2008-1-82-0)
2nd International Conference "Crystallogenesis and Mineralogy"
Oscillatory zoning in goldfieldite crystals (RMS DPI 2007-1-143-0)
Proceedings of the Moscow branch of the Russian Mineralogical Society
Минералы системы Ag-Au-X (где X=S, Se, Te) в эпитермальных обстановках как индикаторы условий минералообразования (RMS DPI E2-2008-1-0)
Porphyry and epithermal deposits of the South Urals: mineral assemblages, evolution and zoning (Birgilda-Tomino ore cluster as example) (RMS DPI E2-2010-4-0)
RMS Annual Session "Modern methods of mineralogical-geochemical researches as a base to reveal the new types of ores and technologies of their complex development"
Variations of mineral forms of Au and Ag in Bereznyakovskoe deposit (the South Urals) (RMS DPI 2006-2-51-0)
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