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Tellur Group: Exploratory & Environmental Geochemistry, Geophysics, ans Geology

Tellur Group of companies (established in 1992) is a reliable partner for mining & exploration companies in solving problems:

  • Mineral exploration with application of innovative technologies
  • Geophysical solutions in hydrogeology and geological engineering
  • Environmental geochemistry

TELLUR exploration works in Africa and Latin America

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Geochemical, Geophysical, and Geological Exploration by Tellur Group, Russian Federation

Developments in Geochemical and Electrical Prospecting for Noble and Base Metals: Methods and Case Studies

Presentation in English - GENERAL INTRODUCTION (2013) NEW!  - - -  Presentation in Russian (2013) NEW!  - - -  Presentación en Español (2009)

Presentation in English - CASE STUDY (2012)
1. Problem description (Ores difficult to be revealed).
(I) Areas of residual overburden with significant mechanical migration of chemical elements in secondary environments
2. Case study 1: Area in Eastern Siberia, Russia Prospecting for Gold
3. Case study 2: Local Area in Andes, Peru, elevations 1500-2000 m Joint Application of Geochemical and Geophysical Methods to Prospecting for Thin Gold-Bearing Veins
4. Case studies 3 and 4: Areas in Andes, Peru, elevations 4600-5200 m Joint Application of Geophysical and Geochemical Methods to Prospecting for Au, Ag, Cu, Pb, Zn
5. Case study 5: South Caucasus Region Prospecting for Disseminated Porphyry Ores: Cu with minor Mo, Au, Ag
(II) Areas covered by drifts with prevalence of physico-chemical migration of chemical elements in secondary environments
6. Case studies 6 and 7: Kola-Karelian Region, North- West Russia Areas of glaciated terrain Prospecting for Low-Sulfide PGE Ores


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