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The World Multidisciplinary Eart Sciences Symposium - WMESS 2015 - Russian Mineralogical society scientific partner

The main mission of «The World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences Symposium - WMESS», is to lead to contribute in multidisciplinary studies related with atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and pedosphere of the Earth and interaction of the human with them. As another mission it will provide a forum for this diverse range of studies which report very latest results and document emerging understanding of the Earth's system and our place in it.

WMESS aims

  • to provide a forum for discussion of the latest findings and technologies in different fields of Earth Sciences

  • to give opportunities for future collaborations

  • to be a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences in the fields of Earth Sciences

  • to lead for providing a forum for early career researchers for presentation of their work and discussion of their ideas with experts in different fields of Earth Sciences.
Venue, city: Prague, Czech Republic
Level:  World
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