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EAG The European Voice of Geochemistry

Geochemistry carries on growing at a fantastic pace because it is essential for addressing many issues of interest to society and industry as well as fundamental science. We all know the value of interactions and networking for our research. It is also important for promoting knowledge transfer to policy makers, funding agencies and industry. The European Association for Geochemistry, EAG, represents a vehicle for achieving this. The cost of joining is minimal and benefits include: Elements, a popular magazine that is increasing the profile of geochemists world-wide; reduced fees for attending Goldschmidt, the premier geochemistry conference; access to networking; information about workshops, jobs, activities of interest to geochemists; and much more. Below are more details. To join, visit www.eag.eu.com and click on membership.

Now is good time to join the European Association for Geochemistry. EAG is currently developing at a fast pace and invites you to become a part of the momentum. The society aims to provide key aspects of what is needed for more effective networking and support of geochemistry in Europe, including job-searching and financial support for workshops. You might want to check out the new web page to get a sense of what is happening (http://www.eag.eu.com).

As a European geochemist, this is your society. Get involved and make it the kind of organisation that fits your needs. Cost is only 25 Euros per year. Students pay only 15 Euros. For this you get:
* Regular subscription to Elements, the premier magazine in geochemistry with updates on what is happening world-wide and excellent, insightful, easy to read articles by international experts on a range of geochemistry topics. Elements circulation has grown from nothing to 10 000 in its first two years and the popular overview articles are cited with SCI ratings that are already impressive.
* Reduced registration at the Goldschmidt Conferences including the forthcoming meeting in Cologne - August 19 to 24 (http://www.goldschmidt2007.org/).
* Reduced personal subscription rates for Chemical Geology, a journal in the process of undergoing a complete reorganisation of its editorial structure with concomitant improvements in turnaround time.
* The opportunity to nominate your colleagues for EAG awards.
* Sponsorship for workshops.
* The possibility of organising special EAG sponsored sessions at EGU.
* The chance to get involved in organising new activities within EAG itself.

EAG annually awards the Houtermans Medal to an outstanding junior scientist. Past recipients include Mark Hodson (2005), James Badro (2006) and Steve Parman (2007). EAG also offers a prestigious senior career award, the Urey Medal. Recipients include Alex Navrotsky (2005), Herbert Palme (2006) and Harry Elderfield (2007). The 2007 awardees will receive their medals at the Cologne Goldschmidt this August. Now, we are introducing a series of mid career Science Innovation Awards, for which members can nominate colleagues each year. The details will be announced at the Goldschmidt meeting. Of course EAG does many other things, some jointly with its partner, the Geochemical Society. For example, at the Cologne Goldschmidt you can meet many of the 15 new joint EAG-GS Geochemistry Fellows. It is easy to become a member of EAG on-line at our secure site: http://www.eag.eu.com subcategory membership. If you have any questions, if you would like to get involved in an EAG committee, or if you would like to offer suggestions to make the society fulfil the needs you see, feel free to contact Alex Halliday (alexh@earth.ox.ac.uk). In the mean time, please sign up. Your support will improve your society.

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