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'EMU Notes in Mineralogy' - 7 is available now: Mineral behaviour at extreme conditions

'EMU Notes in Mineralogy' is a well known series of textbooks based upon Schools organized by the European Mineralogical Union (EMU). The 7th volume is available now:

Vol. 7 (2005): “Mineral behaviour at extreme conditions“
R. Miletich (Heidelberg, Germany) ed.
488 pages, softcover, ISBN 963 463 8376, price: 24 Euro + postage

For additional information about EMU and its Notes, Schools and further activities please see the web site:

Issue data in the Russian Mineralogical Society e-Library…

Chapter 1. Introduction to minerals under extreme conditions
Hans KEPPLER and Daniel J. FORST, page 1 to 30
Chapter 2. Mineral structures, defects and their evolution with pressure and temperature
Ronald MILETICH and Thomas MALCHEREK, page 31 to 64
Chapter 3. Silicate melts at extreme conditions
Sharon L. WEBB, page 65 to 94
Chapter 4. Elastic and piezoelectric properties of minerals I. Principles and experimental approaches
Jürgen SCHREUER and Siegfried HAUSSÜHL, page 95 to 116
Chapter 5. Basics of first-principles simulation of matter under extreme conditions
Daniel Y. JUNG and Artem R. OGANOV, page 117 to 138
Chapter 6. Displacive phase transitions
Thomas MALCHEREK, page 139 to 172
Chapter 7. Elastic and piezoelectric properties of minerals II. Structure-property relationships
Jürgen SCHREUER and Siegfried HAUSSÜHL, page 173 to 198
Chapter 8. Mineral surfaces — part I: Surface-sensitive techniques
S.L.S. STIPP, page 199 to 216
Chapter 9. Diamonds as optical windows to extreme conditions
Reinhard BOEHLER, page 217 to 224
Chapter 10. Fluid-mineral interaction at high pressure
Hans KEPPLER and Andreas AUDÉTAT, page 225 to 252
Chapter 11. Mineral surfaces — part II: Structure and reactivity
S.L.S. STIPP, page 253 to 272
Chapter 12. Laser heating at megabar pressures: Melting temperatures if iron and other transition metals
Reinhard BOEHLER, page 273 to 280
Chapter 13. Diffraction techniques: Shedding light on structural changes at extreme conditions
Ronald MILETICH, page 281 to 338
Chapter 14. Plastic deformation of minerals at high pressure: Experimental techniques
Patrick CORDIER, Hélène COUVY, Sébastien MERKEL and Donald WEIDNER, page 339 to 356
Chapter 15. Shock experiments on minerals: Basic physics and techniques
Falko LANGENHORST and Ulrich HORNEMANN, page 357 to 388
Chapter 16. Plastic deformation of minerals at high pressure: Multiscale numerical modelling
Patrick CORDIER, Fabrice BARBE, Julien DURINCK, Andrea TOMMASI and Andrew M. WALKER, page 389 to 416
Chapter 17. Viscoelasticity of the Earth’s mantle
Sharon L. WEBB, page 417 to 440
Chapter 18. Theory of minerals at extreme conditions: Predictability of structures and properties
Donat J. ADAMS and Artem R. OGANOV, page 441 to 457
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page 459
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page 467

Venue, city: Vienna, Austria
Level:  World
Category:  new books
Contact Person:  Prof. Dr. Herta Effenberger
Contact Web Address: http://www.univie.ac.at/Mineralogie/EMU/
Contact Email:  herta.silvia.effenbergerunivie.ac.at
Contact Phone:  +43(1)427753241
Contact Fax:  +43(1)427753249
Contact Address:  European Mineralogical Union, Secretary
Institut für Mineralogie und Kristallographie, Universität Wien,
Althanstrasse 14, A-1090 Wien, Vienna, Austria
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