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Listed organizations:
Supporting organizations of the Russian Mineralogical Society
Host organizations of RMS members
Other organizations (host organizations of registered users not affiliated with RMS)
Acronyms: RAS = Russian Academy of Sciences, MNRE = Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation.
Organizations and departments, for which the website address is given, are also listed on the page "Useful links - organizations" (search form is active).

Host organizations of RMS members:
Novosibirsk State University
    Geology-Geophysics Department
Siberian Academy for Public Administration
Sobolev Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, Siberian Branch of RAS
    Analytical Center
    Central Siberian Geological Museum
    Laboratory of Crystal growth
    Laboratory of Dynamics Modeling of Endogenic and Technogenic Systems
    Laboratory of Experimental Mineralogy and Crystallogenesis
    Laboratory of Experimental Petrology and Geodynamics
    Laboratory of Geodynamics and Magmatism
    Laboratory of High Pressures Minerals Crystallization
    Laboratory of Igneous Rock Assemblages
    Laboratory of Metamorphism and Metasomatose
    Laboratory of minerals of high pressures and diamond deposits
    Laboratory of ore-magmatic systems and metallogeny
    Laboratory of Thermobarogeochemistry
Other organizations:
A.A. Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics SB RAS
Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Siberian Branch of RAS
    Department of Quantum Electronics
    Laboratory of Optical Materials and Structures
Nikolaev Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Siberian Branch of RAS
    Laboratory of Crystal Chemistry
    Laboratory of Low Temperature Physics
Siberian Research Institute of Geology, Geophysics and Mineral Resources

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