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Listed organizations:
Supporting organizations of the Russian Mineralogical Society
Host organizations of RMS members
Other organizations (host organizations of registered users not affiliated with RMS)
Acronyms: RAS = Russian Academy of Sciences, MNRE = Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation.
Organizations and departments, for which the website address is given, are also listed on the page "Useful links - organizations" (search form is active).

Host organizations of RMS members:
Geological Institute, Kola Science Centre of RAS
    Laboratory of Deep Geology and Geodynamics
    Laboratory of Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry
    Laboratory of Geology and Economics of New Types of Mineral Raw Materials
    Laboratory of Geology and Geodynamic of the Arctic region
    Laboratory of gold and other high liquid minerals
    Laboratory of Magmatism
    Laboratory of Mineralogy
    Laboratory of Physical Methods of Investigation of Rocks, Ores and Minerals
    Laboratory of Platinum-metal Ore Genesis
    Laboratory of Self-Organization of Mineral Systems
    Museum of Geology and Mineralogy
I.V.Tananaev Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Rare Elements and Mineral Raw Materials, Kola Science Centre of RAS
    Laboratory of Chemistry and Technology of Rare Refractory Elements Raw Materials
    Laboratory of Development and Promotion Processes of Chemical Technology
    Laboratory of Mineral Raw Materials and Silikate Synthesis
    Laboratory of Physical-Chemical Methods of Analysis
Institute of Problems of Industrial Ecology of the North, Kola Science Centre of RAS
    Laboratory of Water Ecosystems
Institute of the Economic Problems, Kola Science Centre of RAS
Khibiny Construction Company
Kola Branch of Petrozavodsk State University
Kola science centre RAS
    Barents Centre of the Humanities KSC RAS
    Nanomaterials Research Center
Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute KSC RAS
Other organizations:
Commitee of Natural Resources on the Murmansk region
Exologic, LLC
Kola Regional Seismological Centre, Geophysics Service of RAS
Mining Institute, Kola Science Centre of RAS
    Department of Technology No36
Pana, JSC
Teleset, LLC

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